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  1. Good to have a plan Tumshie. That's what I am trying to formulate at the moment.
  2. Yes took some photos. Scratches did consume my life for a while but as the months on the boat went by I came to realise the whole experience transcended the scratches. Also the reality that it is steel and in water and the battle against rust starts from day one in the water. So have you had many trips on narrowboats? Havanese are great dogs. Cuban national dog. I had never heard of them until I met a lady with one when in Stratford last year. They are bright not yappy and have great characters. I thought small legs might be better on the boat!
  3. You live in a wonderful place. I have tried to make it up there at least once every year. My favourite place is Crinan and enjoy walking with the dogs along the canal. The boat building experience was a great one. Although it did take a long time. The steel hull was completed comparatively quickly but the fitting out took months and months and months. I am proud of her and on her maiden trip had to cope with getting used to the bumps and scratches that were bound to happen as we negotiated the network and met other boats. She is not new anymore but I have developed an affection for her.
  4. Hi Tumshie a border collie in the mix would be an interesting combination. I used to have three standards but unfortunately lost two in the last two years. I see you are saving for a boat. I must admit I feel very lucky to have been able to watch my boat being built. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot. Do you manage to get out on trips during the year?
  5. I have two dogs Rufus and Milo. Rufus is 9 years old and a large standard poodle. A unkempt one not groomed with pom-poms and top knots. He is still not sure about being on a moving boat but is quite resigned and can be found chilling out on his bed. Milo on the other hand is a small Havanese and has yet to experience his first boat trip. Rufus and Milo make an odd couple but are good friends. Both are quite chilled out.
  6. Thanks for your inputs. As someone new to this kind of forum I have been taken a little by surprise! Wasn't sure as to the best kind of wording for the post but it seems to have attracted some lively discussion. Simply looking for a companion to share my love of boating and who will help me to realise my wish to go out on the boat this year which had been planned but unfortunately has been thwarted. I do have my dogs and some experience but neither will be sufficient for me to handle the boat on my own - yet! So any input will be gratefully received.
  7. Hi to everyone. Many thanks for welcoming me to the site. A bit of a novice as I am sure you have gleaned. Also trying to get my head round using technology I haven't used before - with my daughter's help. But I am a fast learner!
  8. Thank you Cheshire-rose. Yes I have Facebook, with a little assistance from my daughter. Can you please let me know what the group is called?
  9. Lesley_boats


  10. Retired lady 45ft narrow boat owner seeks female companion for short and longer trips out through Spring and Summer months 2018. Experience and flexibility helpful. Currently boat is moored at Sawley Marina. Get in contact for more details
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