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  1. Brill, thanks for the replies all. Looks like we had a bit spare, which we can use next time in an emergency. The current was very strong that day - never had a problem any other time on the Severn. And running at full speed under load is recommended - 15 mins every 50 hours, under load. Manual says do it moored up (securely!) if this would break the speed limit.
  2. Hi all Anyone got an idea of maximum rpm for a Barrus Shire engine? We had an, erm, interesting experience earlier this year when we locked down from Gloucester basin onto the Severn, which had a fair flow in it at the time. Things were fine up to Upper Parting, but when we joined the main channel we found that we were barely making headway at what I think of as normal cruising revs of 2000rpm. Some progress at 2400 rpm - but what would be the maximum? OH was all "more revs, more revs" and I was all "the engines Jim, they cannae take it". Cheers Matt
  3. Hi all We're thinking of getting a pram cover for our cruiser stern - but I've got sore misgivings about how much of a pain it'll be when cruising through bridges and tunnels. What are people's experience of this? Do you have to drop it for every bridge or is there generally enough clearance. Just trying to balance the convenience of another dry area against it being a PITA when cruising. Cheers Matt
  4. Great, thanks all. I have the broken leisure alternator belt fitted by previous owner - but suspect it was the wrong size (squealing until it failed) so want to double check. M
  5. Hello all I'm looking for a supplier of alternator belts for a Shire 45 engine - any ideas of online suppliers? I've got the Barrus part numbers but these aren't much help - I guess these correspond to generic alternator belt sizes but I don't know which ones. Cheers Matt
  6. Hi All Firstly, I'm new on here, so virtual card is behind the virtual bar for y'all. We're looking for a boat for a planned 6-7 months of cruising next year, and we're wondering what the best time of year to buy is? I suspect that there's more on the market in Spring/Summer, and fewer in Autumn/Winter - is this right? Or can some bargains be had in Autumn as fair weather boaters sell up? Cheers M
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