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  1. Thanks that’s really good to know. Still sounds viable.
  2. Hey Mike the Boilerman. I’m going to be doing a little trip along the canal in my camper van next week. Could I visit and pick your brains? Where are you? This is definitely beginning to sound more positive.
  3. Yes, online sounds great but what about water etc? Are there services near by? By the way that is way way cheaper than living in a house. And yes, I can certainly keep my head down. Quiet life for me.
  4. So how much do you think it would cost a month?
  5. Thanks everyone for your posts. I thought I had done a lot of research but looks as if it’s more difficult than expected which is somewhat depressing. I don’t think I can Cc as i’ll Be alone and have been told it’s very difficult to do Locks solo. I wonder how much is ‘very expensive’ for a residential mooring. It has to be cheaper and much nicer than living in a house.
  6. Mmm. Not sure that would suit me. I’m going to be on my own and don’t fancy being thrown off at a moments notice. Perhaps I should rethink location.
  7. Thanks for the link. It’s a beauty but looking for something around £30,000. Perhaps worth contacting Bradford and Avon to find out about availability of moorings. Going to do that now.
  8. Hi i’m Planning on buying a narrow boat to live aboard very soon but i’m Having difficulty finding information on residential moorings on the Kennet and Avon. Can anyone help? An
  9. AnB


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