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  1. Happy you are OK. Similar thing happened when I was going down the river Nene. The weld-on over the exhaust got caught on one of the chains in a lock and the boat was seriously tipping over until I managed to kick the chain off. It was really scary and I doubt that I will ever again go on Nene single-handed. Those locks are hard work even without any such events.
  2. It's not overheating at low rpm to start with, only when it's been running at high rpm, going down doesn't lower the temperature. To be fair, I don't really fully understand all the intricacies of how the engine works. Just trying to solve by elimination whether new skin tank is needed or not. What is clear to me now though, that I will have to check the coolant and flush the skin tank at the least. If it's the design, then probably new on outside swim would do the trick.
  3. I would have thought that the size of the skin tank needs to be x ft sq irrespective of how many rpm is the engine making. FWIW when the engine overheats and been running at 1500 rpm, I then slow down to 1000rpm for example, but it still sits at very high temp 90 and more. I had been navigating for few hours without the thermostat and temperature never rose to more than 80C Here is the only picture on hand in which you can see the outlet hose...
  4. I don't quite follow. What to look for in the hose?
  5. That I don't know. I bought the boat in Feb and so far did not change the coolant. That's what I was asking the engineer, he thought it would have not much bearing, but of course you might be right. The boat was built in 1997 and I don't think it was ever striped to bare metal. The files on the boat show me that it was regularly blacked-every 2-3 years.
  6. The engine is actually 28hp, but that probably does not have much influence anyway. The beta marine website also has a table what engine size is required for what length of boat. My engine is actually undersized for my boat according to the table. Also I rarely run it more than 1500 rpm. Yes, it is the right way: hot in in upper corner; cold in in lower corner
  7. Ok. Thanks, I will look into this. Now I need to find out how to make up the coolant solution? I guess there are outlets on the skin tank to let the coolant out. Sorry, I am totally ignorant about this.
  8. Thank you all for replying so far. If I went down the route and had a new skin tank, would it have any influence on my current safety certificate? Would I need a surveyor to overlook this work and confirm that it still complies with safety regulations? The coolant in the holding tank on top of the engine seems clean provided it would show that there is muck in.
  9. It is a Reeves boat and what I know about history the boat, it lived on the canals.
  10. According to the formula, it should be 7ft sq, but would 1ft make such a difference? The tank is about 1 inch thick. I don't know if it has baffles. Any way to find out? Yes, it should be at least 7ft sq. So perhaps it the size which matters here.
  11. Yes it would be done by Foxes. Also, it was suggested to me in another boatyard that it might not be the size of tank, because the temperature doesn't go down when I slow down from 1500 rpm to 1000 rpm.
  12. I don't mind going for a new tank. My worry is that it isn't the cause for overheating and even after having fitted new one the problem persists. The new tank would be done Fox narrowboats and it is similar to this: http://noproblem.org.uk/blog/so-here-we-go-first-though-the-cooling-system/
  13. Hi guys, my boat is due for blacking this month and I am currently pondering if I will have a bigger skin tank on outside swim fitted at the same time. Ever since I took it on rivers from canals the engine's been overheating, running into the 100C and higher. So my question is before I do have fitted a new skin tank, what else could it cause. I have let the air out through the vent changed thermostat for new one but still overheats. I have Beta Marine BD1005 (approx. 28hp) engine on 45' narrowboat. Measured the skin tank at 6 ft sq. I had an engineer over to check it out and he thinks it needs bigger tank than I currently have Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you Best Wishes Martin
  14. The referendum was not on Proportional Representation (PR) although sold as such. Alternative vote is a form a majority system. Also, such changes should not be subject to referendums, too complex for many to even care. If anything, the referendum should be on whether to keep FPTP and if refused than look for a system to replace it.
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