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  1. The mooring we had came with space for a garden and parking and coal. It wasn’t bagged, we put a tarp over it.
  2. FluffyVal

    Solicitors fees!

    My husband died last year and the Land Registry accepted his death certificate when I asked for it just in my name. I would try to diy if possible.
  3. I would recommend anthracite, we used to get 3/4 of a ton delivered and it did us for all winter with a Torgem stove linked to a central heating setup on our 55 foot narrowboat ‘ATON’ the thing about anthracite is it keeps in and there is very little ash. downside is it is more expensive
  4. I seem to remember my friend Alan had a Petter engine in Phobos, we’re talking 1981-2. The controls were two spinning brass wheels, does anyone know if the wheels are available on other engines. ( I realise I am really showing my ignorance here but I am willing to learn) Also does the engine you have in the boat have any good or bad knock on effect on the stern gland maintenance
  5. I am looking to get a live aboard narrowboat. I previously had, some years ago, a 55' narrowboat with a Lister sr3 engine (I think) Bearing in mind the fact that I know very little about engines, which make and model should I be looking for as one of the factors to consider when looking for a suitable boat. I am thinking of an engine which is well thought of, has spares readily available, is one which engineers are generally well versed in. I apologise if there is already a post about this but I did search for one.
  6. FluffyVal

    Buying a boat ?...Cautionary tales..BEWARE !!

    Can I suggest also that you check the sacrificial anodes are the right type and that they haven't been painted over.
  7. FluffyVal

    Crew for 2018

    I am in the area and would love to offer to crew. I haven't boated regularly on the canal due to recent caring commitments but used to live aboard in the 80s and 90s. Done sailing and other stuff on and off over the years and would like to get used to the canal again with the idea eventually of getting a boat or a share.
  8. FluffyVal



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