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  1. Overplating has been done up to standard. 2 years later readings were 4.8mm so I am not too worried. Boat has been dry docked in july for a rudder job and hull looked in good condition. Boat is 31 years old -hence the overplating. It will be dry docked again in 2 months for blacking so if anything will arise we will be able to deal with it. Yes, i will most likely wait amd keep the compartment dry for the time being. Thank you very much The wet bilge is at the stern -this was the compromise adopted by Springer as V shape tollerate a wet bilge. Water wasn't meant to be there and the flaking is what might cause some worry. Obviously I will deal with it in due time -i.e. summer- unless it becomes urgent. Thanks for the reply
  2. Hi there, This is my first post so if you need clarifications, please ask. My girlfriend wanted a wooden floor on our Springer so I fitted a hardfloor that can be removed. A couple of months ago I noticed water remaining trapped between the floor and the wood panels. I thought it was condensation and checked all pipes. Everything was normal. Today I stripped the kitchen section and found a hatch. I removed thde "lid" ( a piece of wood with a hole) and found stones ( which I am assuming to be the ballards). The whole insert was covered by a inch of water. I removed some stones and noticed heavy flaking due to rust. I pumped out the water (hand pump) and now I am left with a dilemma: Do I need to remove all the rust, apply a rust converter, prime it and paint it? Am I risking by removing the rust? Boat is a V shape, completely overplated 3 years ago to top standards.