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  1. You very obviously have ...no romance in your soul!
  2. Ive never forgotten that feeling, I felt for the very first time that I was truly the master of my life and driving my own kingdom. I shouted and sang for at least ten minutes. It never gets old. That same feeling happens each time I take off.
  3. I jumped in with a new build never having been on a narrowboat, it can work very well indeed. I love mine and have done so for 10 years. I recommend Andrew Crook at Brayzel in Garstang. https://www.brayzelnarrowboats.com
  4. Winn

    Walk on Glass

    Good for you, it would be great to see pictures? When I had my boat built I considered 3 largeish Velux roof windows but the boat builder was already a bit freaked out by my requests so I kept the idea to myself. Still quite fancy fitting one now.
  5. I agree, I'll be doing the same.
  6. He was...however, I met his brother Obama the Mamba, a very different guy! ... reformed into something less sinister (I think!)
  7. Strangers might possibly be better than 'friends'
  8. Winn


    It was actually reasonably funny! ... silly but the occasional cracking line... 1st sister on murdering a zombie "go deeper" 2nd sister "its a bread knife!" Made me laugh.
  9. A Whiter Shade Of Pale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb3iPP-tHdA
  10. Thank you. My laptop marked it as 7.29:55 so it was pretty close!
  11. Perhaps you might like to take some time to list them.
  12. One has commented, although not enhanced in any way, and not particularly "lovely" ...on the outside at least!
  13. She is still attractive, age has nothing to do with it... it comes from knowing herself.
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