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  1. A Whiter Shade Of Pale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb3iPP-tHdA
  2. Thank you. My laptop marked it as 7.29:55 so it was pretty close!
  3. Perhaps you might like to take some time to list them.
  4. One has commented, although not enhanced in any way, and not particularly "lovely" ...on the outside at least!
  5. She is still attractive, age has nothing to do with it... it comes from knowing herself.
  6. I too liked the thread title.
  7. Likewise your own feathers are also thoroughly ruffled ... I answered the question with possible reasons but perhaps it wasnt light hearted enough. p.s. are they still running the engine?
  8. You asked the question in your first post why he would moor so close, it is that question I answered with a possible reason... ....your concerns might be answered now but not perhaps when you ranted, just mooring a short distance from you wasn't really sufficient reason to object. Now you do indeed have reason to rant, but not to suggest your concern would be prophecy. Try tapping on their door and suggesting why you chose that mooring? Take a stout stick.
  9. Post number 8... "BUT when I moor up I try to moor well away from other boats if at all possible. Maybe everybody is not as considerate as I am. " which does rather suggest you thought them inconsiderate and enough for you to rant about it. You asked the question why, I provided a possible answer. ...edit to add that now they have indeed proved to be noisy you can go and inform them about the laws governing engines and running times. With luck they read this forum and now feel very embarrassed and will silence it forthwith.
  10. No hang ups? just a rant that you cannot understand why somebody would moor close to you...and you want to make it heard that you are an amenable chap who would never complain or abuse. Perhaps the people who have moored are a tad insecure about isolation, the whole safety in numbers thing is often practised by new boaters or those on their own and anxious about unknown areas. It used to be that the boating community cared for each other, maybe they thought you might be of that fraternity. Are they noisy and uncouth, are they peering into your windows ... or are you just complaining on here for "no real reason" ... just how are they being "inconsiderate" ? A genuine question. If you can provide a good enough reason then by all means go and suggest they move, and the best of luck for a satisfactory reply.
  11. I buy both, one can never have too much journey information. The older Pearsons are utterly charming with beautiful line drawings and although out of date regarding canalside buildings and amenities, they give an idea of what is was like when canals were so much freer for travel, and as such make a trip more memorable. Catching glimpses of things still standing is comforting in a vastly different world now from then.
  12. But totally missed the upper case 'M' whoosh...
  13. I dont know Jim, I haven't been to a good circus in a while, do you know of any? ...enough already for me, I dont feel like helping the original cause any longer. cross posted Jim!
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