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  1. Traveling on a canal at night?

    Most Japanese motorbike headlights,dip straight up and down.
  2. How big an outboard

    Thank you Bilge Pump,I have taken your observations on board. I too have had to tow my boat by hand some three miles when the engine overheated [I am twelve stone and my boat is half the size of yours] and I was seriously knackered when I arrived back at my mooring. I'm not in a hurry to repeat this,that is why I am thinking about a backup engine. My thanks to the people who have taken the trouble to reply.
  3. How big an outboard

    In the conservatory. [The cratch covered bit at the bow,with the rest of my junk]
  4. How big an outboard

    Yes, thank you Alan,I know what a Seagull outboard is. There are some models of Seagull that have FNR.They seem to sell for not a lot of money,and being a long time member of the MZ rider's club, I love two strokes. [MZ's are an iconic motorcycle produced in communist East Germany until re-unification] There are several Seagulls for sale on fleabay at the moment.
  5. In the event of engine/gearbox failure,I am thinking of buying a secondhand outboard to get me home/to a boatyard. My question is; what do people think is the minimum horsepower outboard to shove a 30ft narrowboat along? Has anyone had to do this? I would be grateful for any input. Thanks.
  6. All the engines mentioned here have their good and bad points.Mine is a BMC 1500,generally reckoned to be a reliable and durable lump. The engine installation is an important consideration too; is there easy access to service items,[fuel water trap,fuel filter,oil filter,bleeding points,etc] Mine is a rather snug fit in the engine bay making it necessary to practically do a handstand to get at stuff. What cooling system does the engine have? [air?direct raw water?heat exchanger indirect raw water?skin tanks?] All these systems,like the engine,will have issues from time to time,and you will find that opinions on the best engine and the best cooling system will vary from person to person. To make an informed choice,talk to as many boaters as possible to canvass opinions,[we are generally a gregarious bunch] and eventually a common thread will emerge. You pays your money and makes your choice.
  7. Buying a boat ?...Cautionary tales..BEWARE !!

    A valid reason for a hull survey. Many insurers will not quote for full cover on an old boat without a recent hull survey. When I had mine steam cleaned and blacked,the cheerful bloke doing it said " your hull is ok, if it wasn't,the steam cleaner would have blown a hole in it"
  8. Buying a boat ?...Cautionary tales..BEWARE !!

    So when you are happily chugging along the cut and find water sloshing around your ankles,and your boat about to visit Davy Jones's canal locker,you may say "but the survey said the boat was ok"or " I wish I had a survey done before buying this boat". I largely agree with Mike the Boilerman,but I think a hull survey to check the extent of corrosion,is essential, either with an ultrasound thing or the old fashioned way of drilling a small hole in various parts of the hull and measuring the thickness.[Filling the holes in with weld after of course]
  9. Buying a boat ?...Cautionary tales..BEWARE !!

    A surveyor that you can check by asking on this forum .The vendor/broker will probably refuse a buyer permission to lift floor panels,remove trim panels,and poke a screwdriver into rust bubbles and generally have a forensic investigation of the boat,whereas a surveyor would not be denied that permission. Even with a survey,you are still taking a chance,as has been reported above. Buying a boat is rather like taking up with a new woman,you don't really know what you have got untill you have lived with them for a year!
  10. Gearbox oil level/type.

    Thanks for all the comments. Went today to change gearbox oil and had a good look at the bolts holding the gearbox together,and the flange bolts. I think it must be the crappy photo that makes it look worse than it is. The top bolt on the gearbox has a thicker washer than the other so making it look out of line. In gear the flange spins true without any wobble,so I think everything is ok, so thank you all for your input.
  11. Gearbox oil level/type.

    Thank you for the reply,Richard. Does this mean it is a hydraulic gearbox?.I assumed it was a cog type gearbox,and the label was the manufacturer's ID. It does make sense now! I didn't think anything so hi tech would be on a BMC engine in an old boat.
  12. Gearbox oil level/type.

    Can anyone please answer a few questions about my gearbox? What sort is it? What viscosity oil to use? [EP 90?] The oil level is at the mark on the bottom of the dipstick.Is this correct,? it seems rather low to me. How much oil does it hold? Is the 17mm hex on the bottom port side, the drain plug? Thanks in advance.
  13. Buying a boat

    Buying anything secondhand off E-Bay is swimming in shark infested waters! You need the receipt for when the vendor bought it,bills or receipts for work done or parts fitted,and a written and signed statement that the boat is free of finance and debt. Be careful,and don't accept excuses for no paperwork. Be prepared to walk away if things don't add up. [Here speaks a man who has bought more than his share of "Lemons"]
  14. Metric Bolt measurements

    No problem. You just need two adjustable spanners. One metric and one imperial.
  15. Have a look at boats for sale on this site.Nothing there at the moment,but there are plenty of other sites to look at. It will give you an idea of what price and specifications you can expect to find.