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  1. Don't be put off by the naysayers,there are many people with various disabilities who have fulfilled their dreams. Douglas Bader with artificial legs was a WW2 fighter ace. The blind girl who won a winter Olympic medal for speed ski-ing. Blind Jack of Knaresborough the famous engineer. John Askew paralysed waist down after falling from a horse and became a leading competition aerobatic pilot. Beethoven became totally deaf and still wrote music that is often played today. There is always a way,and those who say something can't be done are frequently interrupted by someone doing it. The people I have named above [and there are many,many others] have overcome their disabilities to achieve their goal.They have shown what can be done,and where they lead,others can follow.
  2. Furness

    Water tank level gauge. Best thing EVER!

    Yes, I had one of them too.I stopped using it when my coffee started tasting of diesel. This device looks good,I will be ordering one.
  3. Stupid me! Best place to to find the person you are looking for is of course this forum.
  4. If your eyesight is good enough to ride a motorcycle,then I would think it good enough for a 4mph canalboat.I think you are being commendably cautious about boating,and think that you only need someone with better eyesight than you to be your lookout.Suggest you place an ad in your local paper for a travelling companion,[with or without benefits☺️] Best of luck.
  5. Furness

    Who needs gym membership when you've got a boat

    Sadly,I have now put the half stone back on without doing anything. Another long trip is on the cards when water levels improve a bit.
  6. The piece of wood will work fine until you forget and engage reverse.The outboard will rise up,your piece of wood will go for a swim,and when you close the throttle the outboard will drop down with a bang,and do your transom a load of no good. Guess how I know this!
  7. Thank you Arthur,I often wondered what happens to a boat when it has been overplated and the overplating rusts through.Presumably one keeps on overplating untill the boat will no longer float.
  8. Furness

    Am I a coward?

    Safety in numbers. Any thieves/vandals about another boat other than yours might be chosen.A boat on its own might be a tempting target for scrotes,but more than one may make them hesitate. Also,a moored boat indicates that it is deep enough for another boat to moor without having to "walk the plank"
  9. Furness

    How old is too old?

    Sex...... Oh yeah, I remember. To the OP, as long as you are reasonably agile,canal boating will be no problem.I know several boaters who are even older than me! and simply adjust the pace of their cruising and the number of locks to be tackled in one day,to suit their physical ability. Personally,my daily lock limit solo is about fifteen.Any more and I start to make mistakes and get clumsy. A gentleman doesn't reveal his age but, I remember the Romans leaving Britain as though it was last week!
  10. Furness

    Rylard Bitumastic

    Ordered yesterday from Boatpaint Southampton, arrived 9am this morning. Many thanks, Tim.
  11. Furness

    Rylard Bitumastic

    Just tried Ely Boat Chandlers and although Rylard Premium is still on their website they haven't got any. Will keep looking,but if anyone knows of a stockist, please post it here.
  12. Furness

    Access ladder

    Had an old wooden ladder in the garage for years.Sawed it half [about to six or seven rungs,] and skip onto the roof easily. When you want to go into the cabin simply turn the ladder sideways.
  13. Furness

    Rylard Bitumastic

    Have found Ely Boat Chandlers specifically advertise Rylard Premium Blacking.They will post,so I will order from them. Thanks to Sea Dog for your reply.
  14. Furness

    Rylard Bitumastic

    Thanks for the reply, I am in Huddersfield.
  15. Had my boat blacked last November. After eight months it's still nice and shiny,and I would like a tin of the same stuff for touching up. The yard that did the blacking tell me they used Rylard Bitumastic. They havn't got any as they now use something else. Have looked on the net but can't find any,however I have noted that coal tar products are to be banned from Jan 2019,perhaps this has got something to do with it. Does anyone know of a supplier of Rylard,or another make of blacking that stays shiny for a long time? Thanks for any replies.

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