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  1. Thanks guys ! I've been working shift work so not had chance to reply So, on all the ( good ) advice I've decided to put a few gallons of diesel ( with a can and syphon ) and chuck the appropriate amount of Marine 16 in the tank. I will start her up every couple of months ( as i have been doing ) and in the Spring hopefully take out all the residual diesel and water and fill her up and fingers crossed no harm will be done.
  2. Richard , the gear lever is very stiff and doesn't go into reverse. I'v had the gears checked and the cable replaced so i've been advised to change the gear lever
  3. Richard I'm just trying to ascertain the cost of filling tank verses potential problems. I have to get the gears on my boat fixed to move her to a re fueling station so altogether about £600 which i'd rather not spend just before Christmas !
  4. This is the first time i have lived on a canal boat ( or even been on one ! ). I purchase her in the summer and now the winter is here the advice i have been given is ' you must have a full fuel tank in the winter to avoid condensation' i have dipped my tank and it is practically empty - my logic is - ' that's fine , i'll just drain out if any condensation in the spring and re- fill her with new diesel as i'm not using the engine all winter' some of the folk on my marina have said that they wouldn't advise this but couldn't explain why Can someone please clarify if i can leave the fuel tank empty - drain out any water in the spring and fill tank or do i need to fill the tank now ? Thanks
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