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  1. yes - 0 7 9 0 8 8 8 5 0 3 4. we found it hard to get thru to him mobile to mobile so if you have a landline ring him from that, we always got thru, whereas mobiles were hit and miss. we chose him on the back of recommendations from this forum, tap his name into the search function and you will get a wider view/recommendation than just me!
  2. steve hands came up to a marina near nantwich for us and did a good job. so much so we walked away from the boat. his explanations, reasoning and advice really helped us, hed get my vote.
  3. hello with an update! we have put an offer in subject to full survey on "fool of a took" a 58ft liverpool boats at venetian marina. does anyone have opinions or experience of the vessel? its an isuzu, cruiser stern (not my personal favourites im a bit of a traditionalist) with stove and diesel heating. we looked at quite a few boats and found our must have lists changed a lot the more boats we saw, the more we talked about it and took on board the advice from this thread so thanks to you all. we will see what the survey comes back with but the open plan layout, facilities and fit out work
  4. Many thanks for your replies everyone! Great advice . And apologies for the radio silence,life and work getting in the way of boat shopping! We have had a look at Titan and a couple of other boats and are thinking our “must haves” are changing... We are continuing to look at boats in our budget and keeping our minds open. In the meantime we have booked a couple of weeks over and into the new year with chas hardern to keep us sane !! and will update the thread as and when we find more we like or with questions to what we don’t understand! Thanks again
  5. Many thanks Alan fincher, when you say it like that it makes a lot of sense!...
  6. Many thanks taslim and David mack(I think??). A good point about Titan.. We will go take a look at both and keep this thread up to date! Much appreciated everyone...
  7. Thank you all! It’s invaluable to get the opinions of people who are in the know! dmr we don’t particularly feel the need to have a vintage engine, they just happen to crop up on boats we like! but it certainly wouldn’t put us off up until prohibitive parts costs or the like if that makes sense.? We love to potter round the van, changing and checking, cleaning and sprucing, so it is something we view as part and parcel of having a moving home, again if that makes sense? Great feedback from everyone thank you
  8. Thanks rusty69. Yes in a way we do know that but we are here for opinions from people who have more experience on the water hoot hard!) than we do so thank you. In my eyes, older means a survey where we should be thinking about, Hull thickness, blacking, overplating, and history? What have we missed? Hoot hard = not hard... fing computers!!!
  9. Thanks rusty69, good advice and just the plan for tomorrow and next week... We’re just not very sure of the mechanical/ structural if we do see something we like... it’s a bit nerve wracking! Was everyone in this position at some point? We’ll get a survey whatever, just want to soak up the experience of people who know...
  10. thank you graham Davis! Computers are certainly not my strong point!!.. many thanks Mike the boiler man see above! Apologies
  11. hello, long time lurk first time posters... background. We are a couple, who are both self employed and our work takes us away from base always, sporadically in winter but throughout the summer months is usually guaranteed times of work for us. We own a self build camper van which we have enjoyed for several years all over Europe so we are used to space restrictions, leisure batteries, leccy and water savvy ness, frosty mornings and folding the bed down... and then realising the cutlery’s underneath it! Doh! we’re learning, going to brokerages, marinas, etc but feel that we’re a
  12. twoesses


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