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Retired and solvent, I have a desire to travel anywhere and have the time to do so! I have no children or pets so can go at the drop of a hat. I am like so many of us of a certain age (well, maybe I am a little different...!) in that I have friends and family at home but no travelling companion and none of my friends are in a position to travel as I am.  I have everything in life I have worked for, lovely home, sports car, motorbikes, narrowboat of my own and no commitments.  I have found a great site for holiday companions and have built up quite a bank of them but an still struggling to find anyone up for a canal adventure!  I bought my 4 berth Aintree Beetle back in October and haven't seen it since!  I want to use it all this summer.  Last August I did the Birmingham mini ring with a couple of friends, I did all 91 locks from Warwick and back!  I have sat through the RYA Inland Helmsman's Course but couldn't qualify as I am partial sighted hence the need for a skipper!  I am able to teach a beginner how to skipper my boat but simply can' see to do it myself.


Recently back from a cruise around the Canaries and a trip to the Holy Land with my 89yo aunt (who incidentally is up for skippering but has cats!).


Anyone up for a canal adventure who has time on their hands?





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