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  1. I must say when I came across the guy on the Facebook group I couldn't believe somebody has set himself up as a private police force to patrol that section of canal. Might set myself up to police the upper trent and the adjacent bit of the Trent and Mersey ???
  2. Anyone come across this guy and what are your thoughts about this"private enterprise"?
  3. Been out on my 20 foot Shetland for the last 4 days cruising between Sawley down to Farndon and back with my son. In Hazelford lock on the way back upstream we got told off by the Vlockie for using a riser and a ladder, the guy said it wasn't safe. Its unbelievably difficult to hook on to a second riser from the cockpit of a very small cruiser in a river lock, in fact it is actually dangerous as the procedure involves either shunting the boat around or dangling over the transom with a boat hook after shes roped on at the bow. After we left the lock my son commented that we should just move out of hours as generally it's less hassel when we operate the locks ourselves. On a separate note there are sand bars outside Holme lock, Hazelford lock and Stoke lock I'm hopeful the Canal and River trust might do some dredging soon, you never know.
  4. Anyone know the name of the boat and where she's from? I wonder how she got free on her own.
  5. Can anyone suggest a safe and secure marina for my small grp cruiser in the above areas, want it around 20 to 30 mins max commute from Milton Keynes and must have electric hook up, toilet and shower facilities. Thank you all in advance for your valued input.
  6. If you go the double glazing route maybe you could look at static caravan style as the frame profile is quite thin from memory.
  7. I think we have found more common ground than not. I take onboard your point about the boat being self contained and that "Crap on the roof, only your business. Crap on the towpath, everybody else's business too"
  8. It not an oxy anything, never said "some people shouldn't be allowed to enjoy them", the point is some people detract from others enjoyment of our joint inland water ways system.
  9. Well that's just ideots taking the p*as about the coal. Nope not easily offended far from a "Snowflake" as your suggesting. Just dont like to see scruffy eyesore's polluting our beautiful inland waterways system. I will say that one man's eyesore is another man's pride and joy...???
  10. Not a fourth generation lock keeper at all or any of that. I have used the canals and rivers for the past 24 yrs or so boating, owned vatious small cruisers and worked my way up to a classic 60's sports boat suitable for choppy stuff. The point is the canal and rivers in the uk are there for everyone to enjoy regardless of wealth or background and should not be detracted from by scruffy eye sores with social misfits in what are really some of the countrys beauty spots. Just my opinion and your more than welcome to your own. I'm not going to change it and I'm sure I wont change yours so we should agree to differ. Like to see any boat thats loved and cared for but dont like to trip over other peoples junk and detritus on mornings or at canal sides, lots of that is prevalent on the Nottingham canal and trent area which you could argue has contributed to my view.
  11. Nope not trolling just pressed the wrong button. I do think our national asset of historic waterways seems to be steadily being taken over by modern day tramps, detracting from the quiet tranquillity of our beauty spots with eye sores that need to be removed. Sorry if you disagree but hey that's what free thought and free speach is for in our liberal democracy ...works both ways ???
  12. Took that to the next level haven't you, typical liberal comment...sorry if I sound a bit judgemental ???
  13. Brilliant intentions but just dont put yourself through it!
  14. Agree to differ there. Bet you it is...lol Thanks Alan, I will later.
  15. Nope not into the reto scene, just in to tidy boats and waterways. Dont you think scruffy mobile rust buckets with assorted crap on the roof detract from the beautiful scenery and quiet retreats that the inland waterways offer the wider public ?
  16. No not me Alan, I've sold Bee last week to a Guy who never owned a boat or controlled a boat before. Buying a 1960's classic sports cruise as a first boat was a little bit adventurous for him but he wanted her...?? Please befriend him and give him some gental guidance (to an RYA course) or I think I'll be reading about her / him in the papers. Pretty sure Bee will end in tears for Peter and it's a shame as I've kept her in such good order in the time I've had her. I'm in the market for a narrowboat and believe your ex one is up for sale, was she pretty reliable / when did you sell her to become a 'live on board' at kings?
  17. The "national bargee travellers association"...???...best to not associate with them.
  18. I can see why people wouldn't want his iron snail moored near them with all of the crap hes got on the roof. Maybe make the narrowboat less of an eyesore and less people would complain.
  19. Sometimes is hard to make progress in a cruiser without creating a fair bit of wake. We often cruise with our engines in tick over but in gear and still get accused of going to fast. Wedding cake owner can't win.
  20. Our home mooring for Bee (Real boat made from GRP, proper engines and OK for the choppy stuff...lol ) is in colwick marina at the moment until we can move her to a proper marina like Fardon. Colwick is a bit like Tortuga in the pirates of the caribbean movies....anything goes. I personally would just go in and moor up anywhere as you won't see any of the Rangers and I haven't seen any visitors moorings. The only problem is the gate to the park is locked so you will have to ask someone to let you out and in. The facilities aren't the best either, the toilet block is outside of the locked gate and is the basically a public toilet open to park users.
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