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  1. The Welsh Tithe maps are very useful I've traced other lost waterways using them.
  2. This field named canal bank is a bit of a give away.
  3. It reached automatic moderation threshold and is canned.
  4. Shouldn't shout about such secret marks or there'll be a Dan Brown novel coming out.
  5. Just wait for them to run aground at that speed they'll have fun getting it off the mud.
  6. I should have thought of that when I walked the Welford arm last week
  7. https://www.220triathlon.com/training/swim-training/can-cola-prevent-stomach-upsets-after-swimming-in-open-water/
  8. I have two and I don't even own a boat, one cast alloy and the other is a forged Wey & Arun Junction canal company found in Malham lock.
  9. Nice image, I didn't realise colour photography was that old, the autochrome process makes interesting reading https://blog.scienceandmediamuseum.org.uk/autochromes-the-dawn-of-colour-photography/
  10. I have loads more to do this will be an ongoing project for years particulaly as @Heartland keeps mentioning in other posts obscure canals that I've never heard off. Have you got a map showing these two as I can't find them on any map, I can see the rough locations.
  11. You could look for an appropriate size of Anderson connector. https://www.andersonpower.com/us/en.html
  12. I used to use my Nans to spray the aphids on her roses with just soapy water. The Repair shop restored one of these a while back, you can get parts as they found a replacement for the missing valve.
  13. Just sent a map update that incudes the Calder & Hebble, Aire & Calder, and the Peak Forest canal, this includes the Peak Forest Tramway, now working on the Leeds & Liverpool.
  14. I found Anglo Welsh good at training as wel, but not as good as Swanline.
  15. I didn't get shown how to work a lock on my first hire err too many years ago, but as I'd been active restoring Rowner and Malham locks I already knew how they worked even if I hadn't had any practice. Later hires all gave instruction although I didn't need it my crew did, best for me where Swanline at Fradley I went back many times.
  16. The Ravenhead canal is marked as old canal on the 1845-7 6 inch maps.
  17. The sign I posted isn't what three words, it a tongue in cheek notice to the dogs
  18. Thats why I qouted that one I could also have said Rye & Camber tramway and quite a few others, but it does show that the difference between railway & tramway is rather blurred. But we digress another canal to add to the list is the Liskeard and Looe canal who built there own railway alongside the canal in 1860 because the was so good, both being later purchased by the GWR.
  19. You don't need to go to France to find them like that Athy, don't forget Wisbech and Upwell Tramway.
  20. Looks like I should get rid of my two 4.5kg butane bottles that I used for my camping cooking then.
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