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  1. Hello all, When we moved aboard 19 months ago we removed the old pump out tank and sealed off the skin fittings. They are now sweating as water condensates on them and causing damp. Without removing them is the best solution to insulate them somehow? If so, what would be best to use? Cheers muchly! R
  2. Hello all, Just had our first blacking done. I've noticed that there were three main areas where our blacking (and others that I've seen) was lacking after time. The first was the bumps and scrapes along the hull, the second the waterline and the third below the drains running down to the waterline. The yard has put three coats on the waterline to help with that one and I'm getting a pot of blacking to touch up and bumps - although I am much more competent now at handling the boat now ;) With regards to the drains, is it soaps and detergents which is stripping the blacking from this area? Is so, does anyone have any idea what in them is specifically doing it? Are there better brands to use to reduce it from happening? Cheers, R
  3. Hello, We are just in the process of fitting our solar. We have two 260w panels. We are incredibly low energy consumers. We realize that this won't cover us for the winter months without running the engine or gennie, but want to know what angle to tilt the panels to get the most out of them in the winter? Any ideas? Cheers, R
  4. Thanks for this. We've now purchased the gennie and the washing machine. Will plumb in next week and test
  5. Thanks both. Its this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Whirlpool-1000TR-Washing-Machine-Standalone/dp/B00IPHOTMK Someone is selling one locally for £75
  6. Hi all, Trying to get a washing machine sorted for the boat. Know little to nothing of electrics, so am looking for some advice from those of you in the know. Will a KIPOR IG2600 SINEMASTER gennie power a 1.02 Kwh washing machine? Cheers, R
  7. If only! Hopefully, we can move up to a more sunny spot soon. If you are back down our way soon, come and explain this battery stuff to me as its gone straight over my head I took advice last year like this and spent the money before spring. This way, I know its bought and installed and ready for spring!
  8. Thanks all. At the start of September, we will be adding solar which we are sourcing from Bimble. I have started reading the battery priming thread but will go through it proper later with a cuppa, Thanks for that. R
  9. Hello all, When we went to view our boat before buying her, she had three 135 ah leisure batteries but no starter. The surveyor suggested that one battery is split from the rest as a starter which is what happened before we picked her up. Since having her, I think I can now see why the previous owner had the three and no starter. There is a 240v battery charger wired up to the batteries and a honda generator onboard. I thinking that in the unlikely event that the previous owner forgot to run their engine to charge up the batteries and therefore the batteries ran too low to start the engine that he would just charge them up using the gennie. We have never run out of power in the 15 months we have been aboard, but do notice the lights dim after 12 hours or so if we turn another appliance on and sometimes the fridge is flashing for low power the next morning. I am thinking of changing it back to the old system of having the 3 x 135 ah batteries as leisure batteries again. What considerations should I take into account before I do? Cheers, Richard
  10. We only used a hat as I was worried about rain getting in.
  11. Great. We're in Coventry at the moment in the basin. Will be back a week today. Our only issue will be that our flue doesn't go straight into the stove top but via a tee joint on the back. R
  12. The wife just said 'I told you so' when I read your post to her. Looks like we're getting an Alex chimney! Does it not need a cowl then as that seems to be the issue! With regards to changing me name. I lost details for old account
  13. I have been spending part of the afternoon cleaning off the tar which has dripped from the chimney cowl over the last winter and on to the roof. The wife recommends wrapping a rag around it this winter to catch all the drips, but I was wondering if any of you had any ideas to reduce or get rid of chimney drip? Thanks Richard
  14. We've a a quote from them for a 510w kit which we're just about to order. They seem to be the guys in the know and have very reasonable prices too.
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