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  1. Thanks all, we managed it without any major problems, even managed an afternoon in Stoke-On-Trent taking the kids swimming, mooring outside the Carvery before tackling the Harecastle tunnel first thing the next morning. All in all a very enjoyable weeks cruise, the only downside was we couldn't go on the Anderton boat lift as the hire company wouldn't allow it on this occasion although they have said if we pre-book it with them they'll be happy to include it next time round.
  2. Many thanks all, we're doing it all in one week as its a hire boat. Thankfully its a narrowboat rather than a wide beam by the sounds of it. Will see what the storm brings in relation to the river sectionswhich sound interesting, the only river I've done before was the Thames when I did my CCBM course with Hillingdon Narrowboats last year.
  3. Hi all, We're moving a boat from Sawley Marina up to Anderton Marina starting on Sunday and are after some good places to stop on the route as well as places not to stop if at all possible. Also anything that we need to be aware of on the route, I've plotted the route on canal planner as well as getting the Nicholson guide book so now where most things are on the route.
  4. Hello all, We're fairly new to boating but try and get on a narrowboat once a year for a slower holiday.
  5. Crab


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