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  1. clutch removal Kelvin J4

    yep soz about that- 3/16"- doh! 4.762mm! so 4.8mm sounds ok???
  2. clutch removal Kelvin J4

    just phoned the cluth shop and they have put everything on hold- phew!
  3. clutch removal Kelvin J4

    Thanks for all that info, have checked the condition of the clutch drums, no scoring or pitting, have seen the bloke at the relining shop, both cones are being replaced as he proposed both rivetting and bonding as a belt and braces approach, after measuing up the metric equivelent worked out at 4.8mm, I suggested possibly taking it up to 5mm however it appears that i would have had problems puttin the bugger in - if you can measure your spare imperial set i would be much obliged- am puttin the process on hold until i have that information, it appears that 4.8mm is larger than 5/16"- he seems to know his onions !
  4. clutch removal Kelvin J4

    ok after first rechecking prop for obstructions decided to have a go..removed starter handle box and chain, duplex reversing gear chain and sprokets/bearings, marked flange to uj joint and any other parts and the phoned Kevin Whittle, and proceeded as per instructions: chocked male part of clutch and supported gearbox on two scissors jacks, undid uj flange, eared lock nut, thrust bearing and control sproket, the 4 bolts connecting g/box to engine, up ended g/box, tapped out thrust bearing whilst supporting end of clutch cones, and here is the resultant evidence, going to take it off to Bristol to get it relined on monday, obvs will inform them the plates sit in an oil bath...
  5. clutch removal Kelvin J4

    Hello all, I have been enjoying the company of my Kelvin J4 for the best part of a year now, however, last week my prop decided to eat the remains of a duvet and some rope when trying to escape the inevitable grounding out due to lack of water on the K&A... the upshot being that it stopped the engine dead, and, after removing said items, discovered that i had very little forward motionthe clutch would not engage properly and upon inspection of the gearbox that familiar smell of burnt clutchlinings...After hitting the thrust bearing to release the mechanism the chain wheel on the thrust bearing appears to go in quite some distance but fails to engage properly...I would very much like to remove the clutch however every piece of research has only left me more baffled, I have removed the duplex chain and the reversing gear, but roving the clutch appears to be of a different order- I cannot find a step by step guide, and are the lead keys obtainable, and indeed, the key punch( a picture of said article would be helpful!). Any thoughts and advice would be most appreciated, I've just been 'spotted this very morning by the nice chap from CRT, so it looks like I've got 2 weeks either side of Hungerford to complete this mission, I am a sponge here to absorb information, cheers chaps and chapesses!