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  1. shelly-123

    Legal Advice

    Thank you for advice
  2. shelly-123

    Legal Advice

    Hi Looking at buying a canal boat privately not through a brokers, so would be looking to get legal advice or have a lawyer draw up documents to safe guard me as a buyer. Any advice welcome Regards
  3. shelly-123

    Mill Scale and False Rivets

    All rather amusing in a way at least some comments are .... Many thanks
  4. shelly-123

    Mill Scale and False Rivets

    Appreciate all of your feedback
  5. Hi 1. Is it advisable to have the mill scale removed by shop blasting or is it ok to overpaint mill scale ? on a narrow boat new build. 2. Are there any problems associated with cosmetic false rivets ? or is it wiser to keep the hull clear of such trinkets Regards
  6. shelly-123

    Daily maintenance on RN engines

    Ok many thanks so just really checking oil levels
  7. Hi Would appreciate any advice re daily maintenance on an RN engine ?
  8. shelly-123

    Vintage Engines

    Thank you for all of your info and replies researching the engines.....
  9. Really appreciate all of your responses many thanks for ideas etc
  10. Super thanks for the boatmail info Yes realise that and also if your using family or friends address they could be on benefits that having you down as living there could mess them up, unless its in a care of
  11. Hi Bettie Boo Appreciate your advice and your experience
  12. shelly-123

    Vintage Engines

    very nice
  13. Hi Would like to know of peoples experience as a continual cruiser as how you get medical care and banking etc, without having an address ?
  14. shelly-123

    Vintage Engines

    Thanks for taking the time to reply and useful info
  15. shelly-123

    Vintage Engines

    Hi yes this is what I have read but also hearing conflicting things

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