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  1. We have it so hard, but what don't break you will make you, I will be stronger person once I get over this hurdle. ?
  2. Thank you, but now the complicated part what do they sell for 1p, ohh the stress of life. ?
  3. I got my eye on this cordless light coming up for sale at Lidl Sunday 30/08/2020, priced at £24.99. Magnetic and hooks on both base I would say this is a decent light for the money and boat use, I also do van life so for me very handy. Luminous flux: both sides 1,200lm / one side 600lm Lighting duration (fully charged): both sides - 6hrs / one side 9 hrs Power per LED module: 6W Size: L65 x Ø6.5cm Height with tripod: 90cm 3-year warranty RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS
  4. I moved the boat two locks today both impeller and pump did it's job, as for the new diy water filter, before I took off I managed to cable tie the filter to the leg so it was unable to lift above the water line but yet was not in the way of the leg movement, the filter is working very well better then my flask filter, I might also add the area I am in is known for terrible weeds the prop had to be reversed spun a few times, filter has passed the test and are now available for sale at £2000, joking aside at around £10 per unit I am happy with the result.
  5. Thanks Bod I appreciate the information. The two reasons that I am buying pumps is one to learn and two to source the parts, that said the asap have two shafts in stock for around £80, I am thinking maybe I should buy one. Thanks for the information.
  6. Brass Punch Pin Drive Set on order, I'll start the first part of the strip down tomorrow.
  7. Thanks Tony, I am going to need advice about the shaft and pulley side of the pumps, and packing the gland, I did not ask you yet as I wanted to get a chance to open and mess about with that side of the pump, this I could not do due to leaving all my spanners on my boat while fixing the main pump at home, so I could not remove the shaft and learn, it is still a closed book, now I have an identical pump, I can now open it and get the picture in my head of the basic's, then I will be able to focus my question to you in such a way that I would understand your answer better, I am a slow learner because I feel I am thorough.
  8. Well I am sure I am at the stage of offering basic help, still lots to learn about these pumps, Tony has said some things I need to understand better. I am enjoying it yes and very happy to have got hold of this 3rd pump, I want to open the front plate to see how worn it is, and check the impeller, but waiting to make a video doing that, which I might do today.
  9. Pump number 3 Jabsco model 4900-200, I now have the spare I wanted for my boat.
  10. Just arrived is mint for it's age, a Jabsco model 4900-200, I now have the spare I wanted £70, no chips on the grease threads, the shaft spins nice but yet to check cover, impeller I expect to be no good as was described.
  11. That won't work in this case as I would have to lift the boat above the water level to make a new hole and fit that, that is something I could do in the future when I lift the boat out.
  12. The pump drip is around two every minute so I won't worry about that. I am designing a water proof method to secure the hole, but able to release the hose, I have the idea just need to see if I can get the parts.
  13. I can see and agree (thank you) I have not allowed for the boat moving and how the filter will react, raising the filter is very probable, it was a fine line as to how low it could go due to the prop but I seem to have been over cautious, I also wanted it to be viewable to maintain it, I am going to brace it somehow.
  14. New filter and nice flow. Tony raised a concern regard the hole for the inlet hose, I share this concern, I can't do a bottom inlet as I am not able to take the boat out of the water for a while, although my boat does need a full repaint and new propeller on the leg, I just have to many commitments this year. So any ideas how to make the area safe from flooding.
  15. Fitted the new filter, I think it has a better flow less distance to pull the water. Ok will do thanks.
  16. First run using the old filter, had a few leaks nothing but a better placement of the clips and a slight tighten up could not fix, only had to change one elbow pipe. Water pump still has the slow drip. around shaft lock nut area. Video is "LOUD"
  17. Hi Tracy it gets even better, the third pump is the "treasure" but have not received it yet. I will do a strip down and recondition once my boat is fixed, and video it for reference. I will learn by hands on experience and being corrected, by you all.
  18. At Least I know what to look for so it all helps, thanks.
  19. Thanks for all the recent replies. Today I got the hose it is very flexible and has a steel spring core, this will allow me to drop the new filter directly down as it exits the boat, something I could not do in the past due to the very stiff pipe already doing that job, I think if the filter is near to the boat body it should offer some protection from weeds, I have heat tested the pipe in boiling water and it just softens a touch so all good. I am waiting on the antifreeze and a 90 degree hose to arrive in order to complete and test the job. I have been given 2 meters of water exhaust pipe brand new, might as well just change that over.
  20. Tracy I do admit I am a bit confused about it, from what I understand, the heat exchanger tank has two purposes first of all the tank section is where the engine water flows and exhaust gas is ejected at the rear through the same water pipe that the raw water flow ejects. Inside the tank the heat exchanger which looks like lots of copper pipes in a sleeve and is a sealed unit, sealed by the two rubber end caps, the reason for this unit is to function as an oil and engine watercooler and the raw (river water) flows through it, and does not come into contact with the engine coolant other than the exhaust gas at the rear, as they share the water pipe exhaust. The antifreeze will go into the heat exchanger housing the "gold cap on top" but will not enter the heat exchanger pipes, but will find its way into the main engine, from that tank.
  21. I want to get better at recondition, I beleave in hands on experience so I bought three water pumps from ebay, I have two here and a third one coming, I got these two for £20. I will update the thread with the stages of the recondition, but remember I am new to this I don't expect to get everything right so feel free to correct me as the thread progresses, also allow for a delay as I am going to focus on my boat Wednesday.
  22. I have a question, once I assemble the system and seal it all back up, should I fill the heat exchanger water tank up before I start the boat the engine, I assume thats a yes?
  23. Thank you very much and of course will take all advice on board, this forum is on another level. ?
  24. Will do Tracy. Harold I already ordered the hose before I read this, might as well test it and see now. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07P7Z8GCY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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