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  1. Thanks for the replies. Looks like we need a new location for the bike ride.
  2. Morning all. Can anyone tell me if the Lancaster canal towpath is in good nick throughout the full length. I and a few pals are looking to do a sponsored bike ride from Preston to the end of navigation but need to know if it's possible on the towpath. We promise not to race along.
  3. The prices are crazy. I have a 60 footer and that equates to close on £300. C&RT need to open their eyes. Fortunately I am already in a marina and have all the facilities. I pay nearly half what C&RT want so where do they get their prices. We do have a few spaces if anyone is interested and I'm in the north west. We are nearly full so be quick. Live aboards are welcome.
  4. I had to put my two pennith in on this one. I need a new cratch cover but need to be careful how I spend my money as I'm a pensioner with limited funds. My cratch has no windows but has 4 zips for roll up sides. I started getting quotes a few months back and the average was £700+. I did find one at £550 but like the rest there was a waiting list of several months so I gave up. Move forward to now, my cratch is very very poorly and won't last the winter. I cannot afford £700+ so did some digging locally in the north west. I have not had the job done yet but found a guy with lifetime experience who quoted, depending on material and refinements. His quote was from £200 all the way up to £400 for the crème de la crème. The lesson is shop around, you don't have to pay silly money.
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