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  1. The problem seems to be that what was a small crack in the offside abutment of the Lower Kings Road bridge has become a large crack. The road and canal are both closed. Chris G
  2. Needless Alley in Birmingham. Chris G
  3. I have been waiting years for 2 Axis generalised machine theory to appear on CWDF! The full Kron tensor approach , please. Chris G
  4. Possibly because the Gulper NRV is of the type known as a duckbill valve. As these are basically full-bore valves, they are very difficult to block. However, most people probably wouldn't think of fitting one in a boat, as they would be more familiar with a swing check or spring check type valve. Despite being excellent for certain applications (typically in drainage systems) duckbill valves do have a couple of disadvantages, though. First, they don't completely prevent reverse flow and second, they normally have to be fitted (somehow) between flanges if they are to be installed in a pipe (as opposed to the end of an outlet). Chris G
  5. Having read the print article, I think that you are being very polite! Chris G
  6. There are many companies who can produce Traffolyte front panels and one which specialises in industrial, rather than marine, panels will probably be cheaper. However, be warned - one off panels of the kind you want won't be very cheap! Chris G
  7. Our old Sibir fridge (a different model from yours) had an incredibly fine filter just before the burner jet, which looked like a dented washer whose centre was covered in a mesh you could barely see.. If your fridge has one of these, check that this is not blocked. It was necessary to dismantle the burner assembly (easily done). When we finally got rid of the Sibir, due to increasing problems with lighting it, I dismantled it for spares - only to find that the pipework in the fridge was filled with rusty sludge. This was probably the underlying cause of the problem. Worth checking. Chris G
  8. There are some copies for sale on abe at the minute for not-to-silly money! Chris G
  9. Patrick Leach's website contains everything you could wish to know about Stanley planes and is very amusing. Read his comments about the #55 and #193. http://www.supertool.com/StanleyBG/stan0a.html Chris G
  10. There is also the minor point that currently domestic gas is about 1/4 the price of standard tariff electricity (and still 1/2 the price of off-peak electricity) per kWhr! Will the relative price of electricity come down? I think not. Chris G PS Also, from the viewpoint of overall thermal efficiency, one should burn gas in the house, not in a power station (unless the waste heat can be used there).
  11. Heisenberg and Schrodinger were driving to work one day, when they were stopped by a traffic policeman. Policeman: "Do you now what speed you were doing?" Heisenberg: " No, but I knew exactly where I was." Policeman: "Well, you were doing exactly 81 mph." Heisenberg: "Thanks for that, but now I have no idea where I am." The policeman is now annoyed by the scientists' attitude, so he examines their car carefully, hoping to find a fault. Finally he opens the boot... Policeman: "Hey, did you know you've got a dead cat in here?" Schrodinger: " No, I wasn't certain, but I am now. Chris G
  12. My mother can beat that easily. She opened her account in 1939 at what would now be considered to be the very un-PC branch in Blackboy Hill in Bristol. Did it get less un-PC when that branch closed and her account was moved to Whiteladies Road? Chris G
  13. I always used foam board on the underside of sliding hatches. It has an impervious surface which can be wiped clean and comes in thicknesses from 1mm upwards. You can get a self-adhesive version, but I always used a contact adhesive - enjoy the fumes! Chris G
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