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  1. Wot? No Fluke? Chris G
  2. Batavia

    Wanted dead and alive

    Heisenberg and Schrodinger were driving to work one day, when they were stopped by a traffic policeman. Policeman: "Do you now what speed you were doing?" Heisenberg: " No, but I knew exactly where I was." Policeman: "Well, you were doing exactly 81 mph." Heisenberg: "Thanks for that, but now I have no idea where I am." The policeman is now annoyed by the scientists' attitude, so he examines their car carefully, hoping to find a fault. Finally he opens the boot... Policeman: "Hey, did you know you've got a dead cat in here?" Schrodinger: " No, I wasn't certain, but I am now. Chris G
  3. Batavia

    Lest we forget .........

    My mother can beat that easily. She opened her account in 1939 at what would now be considered to be the very un-PC branch in Blackboy Hill in Bristol. Did it get less un-PC when that branch closed and her account was moved to Whiteladies Road? Chris G
  4. I always used foam board on the underside of sliding hatches. It has an impervious surface which can be wiped clean and comes in thicknesses from 1mm upwards. You can get a self-adhesive version, but I always used a contact adhesive - enjoy the fumes! Chris G
  5. Batavia

    Surveyor Recommendation

    I have used Trevor Whitling, as have the purchasers of both of our former boats. Chris G
  6. Not exactly banned but the Occupational Exposure Level can only be met with appropriate ventilation and correct application techniques - hence it is not available to the general public. Paramose paint stripper contains dichloromethane and whilst in theory it is only sold to the trade, is actually quite easy to acquire - and it works! Chris Gis
  7. Batavia

    Engine mountings HA3

    Very true, but from my experience of designing transportable diesel-driven pumping systems, using Tico pads can remove a lot of vibration. I think that the cost of Tico, plus the area required (which normally involves installing intermediate steel plates between the engine feet and the bearers) are the main reasons why one doesn't find it used very frequently in boats. Chris G
  8. Batavia

    Engine mountings HA3

    I would recommend using Tico pads,with the proper bolt sleeves - but you will need a fair area of pad. Chris G
  9. Batavia

    A Message from Richard Parry to Boaters

    Also, in Berkhamsted, the signs by the winding hole have been replaced (not before time, as the previous ones were more or less illegible) but the new ones are not easy to interpret, as the "totem-ettes" are not in a logical vertical sequence! The ambiguity will doubtless be appreciated by those who choose to moor in the winding hole. Chris G
  10. Batavia

    Volts, Amps and Ohms

    Up to a point... Volts = pressure Current = flowrate Ohms as described Chris G
  11. Batavia

    Value of 2LW + PRM

    Thanks for (most of) your comments! Batavia doesn't have a back cabin because there is insufficient height between the swim and the gunnel to fit in a cross bed - and we didn't like the layout where the bed goes lengthways (e.g. on Pacific). As for the rest of the layout- a matter of choice! It worked for us... The side fenders were initially chosen to stop the gunnel disappearing underneath the lock landings on the Thames, but proved to be very useful elsewhere. Chris G PS It also comes with about 3 tonnes of 1052 spare engines and gearboxes!
  12. Batavia

    Plumbing Question (1) - Basin Wates

    I shall take comfort from the fact that I am not a shareholder in the Flamingo Canal Carrying Company! Chris G PS - as an engineer, I am used to spending other people's money to achieve a good result - it is a bit different when it is one's own money...
  13. Batavia

    Plumbing Question (1) - Basin Wates

    That's what they said before both Deepwater Horizon and Texas City! Chris G
  14. Batavia

    Plumbing Question (1) - Basin Wates

    My solution on the latter stages of Daedalus and on Batavia was to fit a brass 1 1/4" elbow on the end of the metal waste fitting (avoid plastic at all costs) and then fit a brass hose barb into the end of the elbow using a reducer, then hose to the skin fitting. the whole assembly is very robust and no bodging is required. Although there is a "step" in the flow path, in practice this didn't seem to be a major problem with a 3/4" hose - depending obviously on what you put down the waste (and 1" would be even less problematic). On the odd occasion it did partially block, a swift poke with a length of wire up through the skin fitting cleared the blockage. Chris G
  15. Batavia

    Maplin to the wall, this can't happen

    The main Henry's Radio was in Edgware Road, but they had a smaller branch somewhere else (may have been TCR).. For those interested in a electronics/radio nostalgia, this web site has scans of most issues of Wireless World, Practical Wireless and Practical Electronics, plus a huge range of similar publications. The advertisments make fascination reading - plus the realisation that nearly all of the companies which did advertise have long-since gone! Warning - you can waste hours on this site... http://www.americanradiohistory.com/index.htm Chris G

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