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  1. CRT and continuous cruising

    Just wondering... Do.you read the "Daily Mail" by any chance
  2. CRT and continuous cruising

    probably yes.....
  3. CRT and continuous cruising

    knowledgeable or opinionated...... .. I stopped using forums many years ago.. They always attract the keyboard warrior types who take great pleasure in putting others down for such thing as not using the search properly... Or accidentally missing key point Ina question.... They have nothing better to do than be obtuse...
  4. CRT and continuous cruising

    perhaps just perhaps... The owner may have lived on his boat for years and is to infirm to move... Of has got cancer and just wants to enjoy his remaining life..... Could even be family who lost their job and now find themselves in financial difficulties..... Sounds like some of the people on here would have them thrown off the waterways so not to clutter up their personal playground...... there are some horrible people on here....
  5. CRT and continuous cruising

    It may work.... A set number of voluntary hours work for crt must be carried out every 14days to allow a boat to remain in position... Or a a boat must move along and maintain X number of miles of water way..... Its free labour..
  6. CRT and continuous cruising

    Perhaps there are other ways of helping the situation.... Perhaps by volunteering for the trust struggling boater might be rewarded with an exemption from moving.. Or perhaps be allowed to move a shorter distance.. or maybe move as they work.. Clearing reeds and trees. Painting ect.. Perhaps Swampy and Star would get a bit more sympathy if the 10miles of the grand union they lived on was immaculately kept... Just sayin
  7. CRT and continuous cruising

    exactly... The waterways should be available to all...perhaps finding suitable moorings at an affordable price with toilet facilities for less fortunate few is the way forward... Lets be honest a mooring doesn't take a.lot of maintaining.. On land they have affordable homes. Why not affordable moorings.?
  8. CRT and continuous cruising

    No idea its a tricky one... I've just got a holiday boat and Maria mooring. I was just pointing out that this new rule is clearly aimed at a certain people.. And some of the most interesting and friendly people you'll meet... Its the waterways equivalent to the traveller problem on on land..... Perhaps the crt should build dedicated marinas for the Non travelling boat community just like some councils do.... Just sayin..
  9. CRT and continuous cruising

    Put bluntly, There going the tell the free spiritual earth loving just about floating canal dwellers with probably no engine and hardly any money... That they either move and navigate.... Or spend several thousand quid on a marin mooring....
  10. CRT and continuous cruising

    I don't think anybody has mentioned that a home mooring can cost thousands... And would therefore be unaffordable to certain people that the Trust are targeting... You know the mouldy old lifeboat that never moves.... The rusty about to sink narrow boat with no engine..... Its a targeted action towards a certain few......
  11. Excited and slightly worried!!

    I have a dead and F#£@ed domestic battery as they were left on during the sales period.. I can pretty much blamed the wanky gas alarm for running it flat..... It would appear to have a split charge relay as the domestic side comes to life when the ignition is turned on... gonna sort it out tomorrow..
  12. Excited and slightly worried!!

    done loads of research about lock operations and side ponds and ground paddles and gate paddles... But hope to arrive when the lock keepers on duty.
  13. Excited and slightly worried!!

    Brilliant..... I spent 6 years rebuilding a 1950 scammell explorer... Its first trip out was a 120 mile round trip as our wedding transport.... I'm used to comedy pressure...
  14. Excited and slightly worried!!

    i have checked the tunnel light.. We have two! One inside the cratch and one that fits on the front.... Er... Somehow...
  15. Excited and slightly worried!!

    I did spot the pub when we went for a look...... ..hope the foods good...