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  1. Chipmunk

    No Forum

    Hey I like this place! You can be serious one minute and have a good laugh the next with no hard feelings. Happy days
  2. Chipmunk

    No Forum

    Hmm I think it's you that needs to calm down. This is a discussion forum and if participants disagree with a comment they should be allowed, actually encouraged, to voice their opinions. I was expecting a debate, not the belligerence that you exuded. Maybe a discussion forum isn't the best communication medium for you if you're unable to accept criticism? Anyways I've never been anything other than calm, just looking for rational debate. I'll leave it there, I have a feeling you'll need the last word and I'm more than happy to grant you that. Have a good day
  3. Chipmunk

    No Forum

    And I was pointing out that forum staff may not have logged on during that time period for the reasons I outlined. Maybe the "blind man on a galloping horse" had a long day at work, then had to cook dinner, then had a couple of beers down the local to unwind. Then went to bed without logging in because he was tired. That's why he missed it. Let's believe the best in people and avoid critical epithets involving galloping horses to attack unpaid volunteers.
  4. Chipmunk

    No Forum

    Unless he has a life? Not everyone, particularly unpaid volunteers,is going to be monitoring this site 24/7. Most of the admin crew are much younger than the forum demographic, with full time demanding jobs, Social lives that us older folks have forgotten, budding romances, etc . They're trying desperately during their respite moments to check on their unpaid voluntary job. I'd suggest that before complaining each of us appreciates that this amazing resource is free and advert free incredibly rare nowadays.
  5. Chipmunk

    phone signal

    I was offering advice based on the limited information provided - it's human nature to make assumptions. If you've managed so many years I'm amazed it's suddenly become an issue but hey ho. Enjoy your cruising I'm deeply envious as I had to give up cc'ing because of serious health problems - all I can do now is try to offer advice based on my experience - advice which is always well intentioned. I think I may give up on that - it's a sodding minefield! PS don't make assumptions on the people offering advice- they may be kind, genuine people just trying to help
  6. Chipmunk

    phone signal

    It's a case of deciding what's most important in your life. If having a phone/internet signal is then cruising our amazing and gorgeous canal system isn't for you because lots of time is spent in remote areas and cuttings where no network has access. I've been there and it's a harsh reality test when you're used to being plugged in all the time, but it's one of the things you have to weigh up when you're making that lifestyle choice
  7. Chipmunk

    phone signal

    We hung our dongle and then our smartphone in the window - trying both sides of the boat. If there was still no signal go outside and see if your phone works. If it doesn't you're in a dead zone and nothing will boost a non existent signal - read a book
  8. Chipmunk


    The problem now is that these divisive deeply unpleasant views are becoming acceptable in today's society. I love my country but I hate the direction it's going right now - I'm very fearful of where we end up. As for gun crime in America vs the UK - this is the 18th gun incident in US schools this year (yes this year!). The last one in Britain was Dunblane in 1996. Nuff said.
  9. Chipmunk

    Fair justice for all ?

    Hmm methinks you see what you want to see. I've seen loads of reports of returning ISIS fighters being tried and incarcerated but none of British trials. Evidence required.
  10. Chipmunk

    Fair justice for all ?

    I agree with many of your sentiments, particularly regarding the treatment of returning military. I come from an army family and have seen first hand the results - two cases of death through alcoholism and one suicide in my family through lack of support. I do worry about the statement I've quoted - where does that assumption come from? There may be many people on the watch list who are totally innocent - should they be incarcerated without trial and with no evidence just because they attend a mosque believed to be a potential radical breeding ground? I do believe that returning"ISIS warriors" are imprisoned immediately upon return without exception - why do you believe this isn't the case?
  11. Chipmunk

    is it me ?

    Of course time to put those presumptive, ridiculous women back in the kitchen where they belong. Barefoot and pregnant obviously
  12. Chipmunk

    I have to hit the mute button!!

    Yes you're absolutely correct. So do I give up because they're all doing it? The little guy n desperate circumstances is always stuffed? I'd love to make the world a better place but unfortunately it's populated primarily with either greedy or xenophobic buggers. Basically the good people with a social conscious are being derided as snowflakes and the bullies sneer at those that stand up to discrimination and hatred. I feel incredibly uncomfortable living in this country which I'm incredibly proud and of at this moment in its history.
  13. Chipmunk

    I have to hit the mute button!!

    Quickquid - APR 1295% 118118 99.9,% Loan sharks preying on vulnerable individuals on prime time TV. Makes my blood boil - you'd only pay those rates if you were desperate or with a lack of education to understand the consequences.
  14. Chipmunk

    I have to hit the mute button!!

    Oops my bad. Not a term I consider offensive, but clearly someone does so apologies. I quite like the substitute and also like bowdlerise - I had to look that up. Every day's a school day
  15. Chipmunk

    I have to hit the mute button!!

    I have two.The oaf who is apparently a good opera singer but then sold out. Purple bricks did have some amusing ads but mute button is deployed with the groom's father

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