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  1. Advice please, we have always painted outside cabin sides with International. Painting looms again this summer and is very over due. Recommendations for make of paint would be appreciated. Would we better using one of the makes known that are used for boats or would something like Leyland be just as good. Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for your help.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I don't think l explained our problem properly. We are in a very bad reception area and need the internal booster box with an ordinary aerial . The booster box is 240v and we want to go completely 12v so am wondering if we need a different external aerial?
  4. Hello Our existing tv is 240v with a normal outside aerial and a 240v internal aerial booster. I now have a cello 12v/240v. Do l need a specific outside arial as it won't work with my current external aerial. Thanks Fiona
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