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  1. Many thanks for all your input. Taking off side covers and sump the engine looks nice and clean . Oil getting to all the important parts. Think there maybe a little bit escaping through the valves but it is not smoking does a bit on start up but settles down. Hopefully my friend is lucky with this engine. He deserves a bit of luck after all the wide boys that have taken him for a ride. Boating is not my thing but if it makes him happy I will do the steering while he does the fishing
  2. Forget that false alarm it has tightened
  3. We have one problem the vertical filter is okay but the horizontal one will not tighten up. It was loose when I can e to it. Will page be okay or do I need to helicoil it
  4. It was quite a few weeks the back of the boat is open to the elements and we had quite a few storms in hothead. The start is sat right down in the bilges
  5. Dear Sir. I am really grateful for your opinion. I wished you lived near rhyl north Wales. The problem I have is a) my experience on this engine b) cost. Bill has thrown away literally hundreds of pounds paying people who have done nothing.. The last chap was taking £50 A week for nearly 3 months. I buggered them off . I managed to get the engine running sweetly enough. It has had the injectors done. Engine and water flush put through it new filters oil etc. I do not feel competent enough to tackle big end bearings etc. New starter. He then went fishing with his son and when they left it they did not leave bilge pump switched on. The new starter has had to be refurbished as it ended up under water. My services are free of charge and I am teaching myself with the aid of the manual and online. Unfortunately I have retired due to ill health and can only do so much. Bill is 72 had major open heart surgery 2 years ago. He has only managed to get 6 trips out in 2 years after spending a fortune. It's not fair. All the best Les
  6. It's okay lads I am not completely dumb. I have a lot of experience in mechanical,hydraulic,pneumatic electronics and electrical maintenance I have been in engineering since I was 8 1/2 stood on an orange box working a ward 2 capstan with my old man. I remember him having a engine sieze up in an old Morris post van. Just whipped the cylinder head off poured oil down the cylinders and gave them a good whack off it went again. You have never lived until you came out of the pub and started your car on the handle. Seriously though I really appreciate all the help you can give me as I am definitely not an expert on engines. I am thinking of changing the timing chain and tensioner while the engine is out so any advice (detailed for the slow old guy). Would be most welcome. All the very best. Les Trickett
  7. I think I have found them .Injection pump driving gear lubricator and filter I think I have found them .Injection pump driving gear lubricator and filter
  8. Thank you Tony will take a look They just need taking our cleaning and putting back
  9. Any advice would be gladly received I remember working on the petrol engine in my cars mg Morris minor traveller and A35 and a few others but that was a long time ago Can you show me these on drawing please
  10. Would you be able to send me the page with gear and shaft showing please my email address is machinerepairs@hotmail.com I am retired used to repair engineering machinery. Bill who owns the boat is 72 and has had a load of idiots claiming to be experts who have charged him a lot of money and done nothing. I have managed to get it running sweetly but unfortunately he and his son went fishing and didn't leave the bilge pump on it nearly sunk. I have got the engine out
  11. I am just replacing sump gasket to make sure it dosent leak then it was recommended to remove side covers and clean sludge out
  12. Thank you for your quick response. Does both the tube from the inspection cover and the tube from rocker cover both go into this bottle or air filter housing Sorry I am not a mechanic. I am an engineer and self taught My friend has this engine on his boat and after being ripped off by so many so called experts I have managed to get it running fine. I am assuming this is a B series engine There is still a lot I do not know. He is 72 and spent a ridiculous amount of money for no return
  13. My engine number is 15V/160B/D10033 WITH A3J8 In the casting if anyone can show some light. I need a gasket kit. Also the front side inspection cover has a metal tube coming out of it. Does anyone know if the pipe from the rocker cover is supposed to go on it. It is a marine engine
  14. Please can anyone identify my engine. It has a tag fitted to the block 15V/160B/D10033 AND IN CASTING 1500D AND A3J8. I require a full gasket kit. Also coming out of the front side inspection cover there is a metal tube. What is it for
  15. Used a plunger screw for stripped idling screw. Tapped the govenor housing in my case 10mm because someone else had put an helicoil in that failed. The plunger spring tension can be changed with the little grubscrew in the top. I used a doughty washer and a locking nut
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