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  1. Thanks I will. I'm on the river now so I've seen the force and power it generates especially when it floods. ?
  2. It's good to hear all the alternative suggestions offered. Much appreciated. Just trying to build my coffers up before I do anything to guppyanna at the moment but an outboard with a guard on seems the most likely bet. Also good to see a pic of a similar design to my boat. Thanks?
  3. The OB looks really vulnerable. I better start saving for an inboard. Thankyou so much for passing on this knowledge. Really appreciate it. ?
  4. Would I be able to change the prop? My worry is about the handling of it.
  5. This is what it looks like now in the water
  6. I'm so glad you let me know. I've been trying to research it but without luck. CHEERS ?
  7. Hi that's good to know. I'll check out what they used. Thankyou
  8. Trina

    Transformation of Guppyanna

    Guppyanna was a burnt out ugly duckling. 3 years of hard work transformed her into the colourful Swan she is today.
  9. I would recommend getting professionals in to spray foam. We tried to do it ourselves but it's difficult keeping the temperature right. We spray foamed to seal the steel to prevent condensation then added thin rock wool for warmth. It's worked a treat. Add plenty of vents for air circulation.
  10. Hi yes the bow is flat. I might need to think about welding a pointy bit on it. Thanks?
  11. Nice chatting to you too. Goodnight
  12. Thankyou for your advice. It's really useful. If I added 10ft to the stern and put a diesel engine in. Would this be better?
  13. The river Ouse in York and The Trent Someone mentioned a good prop which makes it better for handling and reversing but I've forgotten what it's called.
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