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  1. Guildford Boat Rally 6/7 July

    Winging-it will be there
  2. Basingstoke at Easter

    We went as far as the swan on our last trip ,hopefully go all the way this year.
  3. Basingstoke Canal

    that is great news,hopefully boaters will start using it and in so doing will keep the pressure on to reopen it in full next year.
  4. Basingstoke Canal

    Hi, we heard from a good source that the Basingstoke Canal is now open as far as Brookwood Country Park and that you can lock yourself through, opposed to having to be locked through by the rangers. Does anyone have any further information. Mike and Lorraine
  5. Guildford Boat Festival

    Went to get our River Wey licence today and asked about the boat festival. The lady in the office confirmed that the boat gathering has been cancelled due to low water table levels for this time of the year and the wish to keep the navigation open as long as possible. A shame as we missed last year and we were looking forward to this, however, as we moor on the upper reaches we would prefer a longer season cruising. Mike and Lorraine
  6. how did you pick youre boats name

    We were accused of doing this (Winging-it)for most of our lives by a rather boring relative to be, even though we have both worked all our adult lives and rather liked the irony of the name. However there have been a few times whilst boating that the name has been appropriate and likewise winging git has been a mistake that some have made which at times may also be apt! Mike and Lorraine
  7. Gas Lockers (what can you keep in them)

    Thanks for the replies, boy is that homeless pile of stuff on the bank going to be big!!! Anyway off tomorow for a couple of weeks on the Thames, maybe I/we can spend sometime sorting things out that shouldn't be in the locker and finding them a better home. If you see us on NB Wingingit give us a wave or say hello. Lorraine and Mike.
  8. Our NB is soon due to have to be inspected/tested for a new safety certificate. What, if anything, apart from the gas bottles are allowed to be kept in the gas locker? My other half uses is a bit like a shed which I am sure is not as it is supposed to be. Lorraine
  9. Who made this porthole

    we have these on our boat built by simpsons and i think they are chanel glaze
  10. What is happening on the Wey?

    Guildford boat gathering, we will be there later today with NB Winging-it. Come and say hello if you are passing. The Skeets
  11. Another one bites the dust!

    I never very keen when accounts run companys let alone ones they own
  12. Another one bites the dust!

    Same directors ??
  13. Another one bites the dust!

    I had heard that simpsons had merged with Big Fish narrowboats .?
  14. Audio Sound via I Pods

    must agree . the bose is excellent
  15. River Thames

    Our daughter, son-in-law and Granddaughter are/were between Town Lock and Thames Lock on the River Wey. They wanted to get out on to the Thames today, however, given the amount of rain failing over night/this morning I advised them to speak to the Lock Keeper at Thames Lock. His advise was not to attempt crossing the weir below Shepperton Lock (those that have done it when the river his running will understand why) and to go back beyond Town Lock at Weybridge and moor in the cut to avoid the floods. I understand that yellow boards were up but the Lock Keeper anticipated that this would soon be changing to red boards given the amount of rain that we had last night/this morning. Mike and Lorraine