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  1. Myself and two other guys built our first steel narrowboat. 45 ft from a set of available plans. The local steel stockholder did all the bends for us [gunnels]. It took the three of us 4 years and one week. Easter is a movable feast. We worked every Sunday and 2 evenings a week, it was hard graft but we enjoyed every minute of it. Go for the biggest shell you can fit in the build space, because all the work is in the stem and stern. the bit in the middle is much easier. When completed the insurance value was £42,000 the actual cost to us was £12,659, less our hours worked. We did it for love not profit. We rebuilt an engine for it but had to purchase a new gear box and propeller. We bought the correct stainless steel and turned our own prop-shaft. When the shell was completed we filled it water to check it did not leak. It did, about an egg cup full over four days. Its a huge undertaking, do not underestimate that but when you sail away for the first time its a huge satisfactory feeling that last as long as you own it. If you need any help I can give only too happy to help.
  2. a lot of CRT workers who were all helpfull knowledgeable and willing to give there time to help. The constant harping and complaining must get the guys down. John H
  3. After a recentHaving just got back lot of CRT from a run off the Chesterfield on to the Trent, then T and M, Staffs and Worcester Shroppie the Langollen then back thru Manchester. Huddersfield Narrow anfd down to Keadby and home.A long run where we came accross a
  4. Is it possible to fabricate a thin steel plate to fit on the four bolt holes with the appropriate size hole for the stat. I have never seen one that big before. Good luck.
  5. I have no idea which one I have, not at the boat to look. But in the 25 months since I have had the boat not a drop of water. The previous owner installed a suction pump to prime it with water before use after a long period of no use. I hope I have not woken the evil spirits who seam to turn up every time I say its working well.?
  6. What a good idea. There are some very clever people on the site.
  7. Jet wash will spread the oily water even further than it is now. Gunk and plenty of rags and elbow grease. God luck
  8. If you can restore classics you can change the belts. I do mine every couple of years at the same time I do the annual oil/filter change. The whole lot would be done in about 8 hrs depending on how often the tea lady arrives. please dont tell her I said that. Do not pull the engine out, do in situ. Once my alternators are removed I have about ten inches between the engine and the bulkhead and quite a bit of room down both sides making the job a little irksome but definitely not difficult. Regards Johnh
  9. I have the same engine in my narrowboat. To change the cam belt I first have to remove the two alternators mounted on an aluminium plate, about 20/30 mins work. That gives more than enough room to change the cam belt. You will need to buy the idler pulley and the belts, there are two, one for the cam and one for the injection pump plus a set of timing lock studs. The lock studs set the engine in the correct position to put the new belts and idler pulley on. I have a Haynes manual for the Ford Zetec engine which tells you exactly how to do it. It is not at all difficult. The engine is an excellent piece of kit, It has run up and down the Trent on many occasions with no trouble. [Am I inviting the wrath of the gods now I have said that.] An internet search will find you a kit for doing the job, do not go to a ford agent they will want over a hundred pounds for just the belts. the timing lock studs will be used many times so once bought always available. My set came with the boat from the previous owner. If I can be of more help get in touch. Johnh
  10. I would go with Landrover too, the tall oil filler gives the game away to me. Johnh
  11. Try searching Google for DSLR cameras. Digital Single Lens Reflex. Its the old SLR cameras now gone digital. Happy new year
  12. Does not seam to be much Christmas spirit around this neck of the woods.?
  13. Very nearly Thirty years ago myself and two friends built our first narrow boat from scratch. Although not a welder I was an engineer with an ability to weld. So were the other two guys. From the photographs presented it seams to me that the work is of excellent quality from someone who cares about the finished job. Also from the replies to the many questions it is someone with a deep knowledge of what he does. Should I ever need to have my boat over-plated I would not hesitate to let him do it. I have never used his services nor had any sort of contact with him other than what I have seen of his work. Just keep on doing it. Boats need guys like you.
  14. I used to work for a hose manufacturer producing hoses for the rail industry. If they arrived without end covers send them back, ask for your money to be returned and go to a reputable supplier who will fit end covers as a matter of course. If the supplier says they are ok to use tell him without covers they are unfit for purpose. Do not try to clean them before returning them. If he offers to replace them mark them in an unobtrusive way so you may recognize them should he send them back with end caps. John
  15. I am unsure if this is the correct place for this but if not .....what the h---l. All aboard NB Hawthorn would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a good New Year. We thank you all for your good humor and boundless enthusiasm for all things canal. Keep doing what your doing for the next year entertaining, informing and being generally good eggs. Thank you all NB Hawthorne, Clayworth wharf, Chesterfield canal.
  16. Mine has its filter in the supply line. Any small filter housing will suffice Regards John
  17. Ignorance rears its ugly head ?. I thought you could not retro fit gas instant water heaters. Only replace like for like with them. Or did I dream that one?
  18. I agree that during the turn much less drag. But under normal operation going forward the mechanism will produce more drag. Most of the time your sailing the rudder is at or near straight ahead producing more drag than is saved during a maneuver. J Johnh
  19. Several things come to mind. With the use of my bow thruster and standard rudder I can travel sideways without to much trouble. There is then the consideration of extra drag cause by the extra articulation. Not a lot but over the life of the boat could add up to a considerable amount of extra fuel. If the OP is considering alterations to make his boat more maneuverable then perhaps he should consider a Kort Knozzle. That would help going forward and also in reverse.
  20. A series of small interconnecting holes drilled inside the circumference required and a very good half round file, lots of time and energy saves buying a hole cutter. Either a cheap or expensive one. It also helps with a diet if your on one. Lots of calories burnt.?
  21. Does the Yard have any heavy machinery in its yard. Cranes etc. If one has given it touch on the heavy side and bent the shaft that would explain its none movement. Rust/paint is unlikely to defeat a long scaffold pole.
  22. I have just finished mine with Andrews two pack epoxy coal tar black. It has been two pack since new so no need to shot blast. Its good stuff easy to use but better when the steel is warm. Having purchased the boat in January last year I wanted to make sure all was well underwater. The previous coats were still in excellent condition below the waterline. Three 2.5 ltr tins did two complete coats above and below the waterline, with enough left to do two more coats below the water line, and about a quarter of a tin left. Mine is 47ft. Andrews service was very good with the delivery three days after order. I have no connection to them only as a satisfied customer. I did the work myself using one tin per day waiting until the steal was as warm as possible. It makes a real difference. I used a lot of cheap very stiff paintbrushes probably three per tin. Make sure when you mix the two parts you are going to use it all. After six hours or so its getting very thick in the bottom of the tin. I am very satisfied with the result. Good luck Johnh
  23. There used to be a game on radio 4, with a small part called Mornington Crescent, which involved various London underground stations. I listened for very many years without ever getting to grips with the rules and understanding it. This thread is exactly the same. You make one mistake..............
  24. There is a flue baffle inside the stove Jan just below the chimney. And I am usually very careful with my knob.
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