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  1. Yes a good idea, always nice to read reviews and get an idea of what other marinas are doing and their facilities, the only real negative could/would be that people with grievances against specific marinas would be more vocal than people who are content
  2. I have not been on rivers yet but plan to do soon, as the boat does not have an anchor not sure what to go for. My boat is a 57' piper, with a Beta 38 engine. Advice welcomed. Thanks in advance
  3. Engine starter. I think I knew the answer before I posted it, but it is always good to get second opinion before hitting the credit card thanks folks
  4. The battery is about 4 years old ( I have inherited it when got the boat hence no new date) it was showing only 11.4v yesterday, it has been on charge since yesterday at about 11am. At this moment in time it is still drawing 4amps on the charger. Am I flogging a dead horse and therefore time to renew. Thanks in advance
  5. Stuart Maddock


    Afternoon all I think I am in the market for a new 12v fridge, in your opinion does one manufacturer stand out in respect of quality build and reliability. Currently I have a 240V but as will be off grid for months on end this year, hence considering moving to a less energy thirsty beast. Opinions please.
  6. I would agree that this matter can and should be dealt with by police. Their role is to investigate, report and then deal with that outcome. Arrest of subjects is only a way of having a controlled conversation where rights are protected and facts are established. Lets hope that the subjects (if guilty) upon arrest see the errors of their ways. l
  7. "I am intrigued by Stuart's assertion that the boater was "making full use " of the toilet facilities. Did he have a video camera in the cubicle, or did he base his interpretation on audible clues? I'm not convinced that swans "enjoy" anything. They look very morose most of the time." The above comment is pathetic of the moderator, it detracts from the fact that a cygnet was despatched by dogs out of control of its owner/s. Shame on you...
  8. A very sad day at the marina today. A visitor boat came in for diesel and while the boater was making full use of the toilet facilities, Three large dogs ran out of control from the boat and set about our resident swan family. Sadly, one of the young swans was killed in the attack. If you have dogs when you visit, keep them on a lead in our marina, or lock them inside the boat.
  9. A pantechnicon containing the contents of the shed to follow you around is useful, you don't/wont need to worry........
  10. If it is not reported, it never happened as for as authorities are concerned. So don't be bashful
  11. I do not know the depth of the pits as yet, as all I have been told is that the issue was discovered at a previous survey by the brokers, and the potential purchasers walked away. The tube is not in a watertight compartment as wiring has been put in from the o/s of the watertight area which means there is no watertight integrity. My survey will give me the exact detail.
  12. Thanks for all the comments, they have been helpful, and I would not disagree that one should be proficient in steering without the aid of a bow thruster, but that was not my 1st or 100th consideration in the possible purchase of the boat. BUT that is how the boat is being sold, and the owner being well aware of the issue of the bow thruster tube without a reflection in his opinion of the value of the boat, without that feature (ie removed) the boat would be devalued, especially on resale should that ever occur. So my conclusion is that serious renegotiation of the price will occur once the survey has been done. Thanks again for all your comments
  13. Hello folks I am a new to the world of narrowboating, and I find myself with this situation. I Have found a boat which I very much like but has previously had a survey which stated there was pitting inside the bow thruster tube, this is to be confirmed by my survey. The previous potential buyers of the boat walked away at this point. Much advice has been given, some similar to the above, or that it is possible to spot weld the area within the tube thereby making good the tube, or that the tube will have to be replaced and I will be looking at a very big bill. Advise would be welcome. As a secondary question would this if the pitting be so severe be a safety issue.. The question is asked as if there is no point in spending on a full out of water survey I might as well save my money.
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