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  2. Various suppliers have their favoured materials for a new cover I'm planning to order this spring. My preference will be one manufactured using acrylic canvas. However my question is whether or not to have the PVC-backed version or not, as it has been suggested that the PVC-backing doesn't allow the fabric to breathe sufficiently and it also actively increases the risk of condensation due to the very nature of the backing. Any observations or experiences based on using either of these options would be gratefully received. Many thanks.
  3. Alimart

    Mounting TV

    We had the exact same problem whilst on our boat couple of weeks ago, with a similar sized TV. After a search on Amazon and various DIY sheds we came to the conclusion that in our instance the wall brackets available all weighed substantially more than the TV itself. Consequently the bracket weight plus the weight of the TV and then the effect of potentially having the bracket extended outwards led us to the conclusion of searching for a neat free-standing display cube thingy - found in Homebase - on the top of which we stood the TV without the need for any screwholes or fixings etc.
  4. Picked up this chap's business card whilst touring round the Cheshire marinas a few months ago. Haven't used his services so can't comment on good or bad, however he'll probably be worth a try :- Mike Banks, www.narrowboatskipper.com. Tel 07496 602398, email narrowboatskipper@outlokk.com.
  5. Alimart

    TV licence

    We permanently live in France, and are tax and fiscally resident here, consequently we don't have a UK address but we do have a widebeam in the UK for our own holiday use. When making recent enquiries with the TV licensing people I was advised that I would need a license, however as we do not have a UK address etc etc, the solution they proposed would be for me to have a monthly direct debit for the license, but cancel it when we're not on the boat. Thereby only actually having it for the times when we're there. Just in case this is of any use to any other expat boaters..
  6. Hello all - just wondering if there are any other members around who have purchased a sailaway from this company ? Any experiences gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation.
  7. I've also put this post in to the 'Wanted' section so my apologies, however if anyone knows of a UK-based widebeam or Dutch barge syndicate could they please let me have any information ? I've repeatedly tried the usual boat-share sites but to no avail - seems like a rare beast for some reason. Many thanks.
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