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  1. Hi BEngo, Could you please point me to the posts regarding the accumulator & Re pressurize to the pump cut-in pressure Thanks
  2. Ian_S, What a great idea, i will try that but i think because we mainly run off tank water and not mains, we would be using nearly twice the amount of water. But if it works i will sacrifice the extra water until i can find a fix for the hot water system
  3. Hi all, Thanks for your comments, i sprayed WD40 and it freed up no worries. Now we have hot water, but when we run it on the lowest setting which is warm the pump runs fine, as we turn the knob towards 2,3,4 & 5 HOT - the pump pulsates (starting & stopping), the only way to stop the pulsating is to run the hot water on 1 or run the cold water also with the hot water set to HOT which is too cold to shower in. It is very frustrating but at least we are getting somewhere. Regards
  4. Hi BEngo, Thanks for your reply, answer to your questions : 1- Yes the flame continues to burn & fires up when the hot water is turned on 2 - The gas control knob on the left is set to the hottest setting 3 - The temp knob is set to 5 & also this is seized and cant be adjusted 4 - Haven't checked the gauze etc etc Also the pump is pulsating (starting & stopping) only when running the hot water, so i am thinking there is a slight blockage somewhere in the system also Regards
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum, (Maybe i have posted in the wrong section), but here we go ,we a have a caravan with a Paloma hot water service installed. we have had no problems until this weekend, when we turn the hot tap on the Hot Water Service fires up but the hot water is only hot for a few seconds then goes to just warm. I am hoping someone has a fix for this as i think there is not a lot wrong with this unit and don't want to replace unnecessary. Thanks, otte529
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