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  1. Which begs the question - where would I find any evidence of builder, date etc on the boat? Still keen to understand if anyone continued with the Hancock and Lane name after 1984? The other thread doesn't include that detail. Thanks A
  2. Some great photos there - thanks everyone! One final question - I understand Hancock and Lane stopped producing boats towards the mid eighties, did this effectively mean that the company/trading name etc stopped or did someone else take it forward/purchase it? I think the founders continued as Chandlers and possibly some cabin work but under a different trading name? Cheers A
  3. Is there a plate to look for somewhere on the boat with builders details on it?
  4. The boat is called Tring. Any more info would be great, fascinating so far.
  5. its the same as this but not this particular one apparently
  6. I'm working on a photo of the actual boat will post as soon as i have it
  7. Thanks His boat is the open fronted sort very square looking, almost like a skip, small cabin with tool storage sections, cruiser stern. He thinks it was commissioned in 1972 but doesn't know exactly. A
  8. Hi everyone, and hello CW forum - it's my first post! I'm interested in understanding if there's any truth in a story i heard about a fleet of BW working boats built in the early 70s. I understand that some poor family boat builders won the contract and produced the boats only to hit cash flow issues and go bust as the BW didn't give them favourable payment terms. My mate has asked me to research this as he owns a working boat and has had a few poeple tell him this story or variations on it. Would love to know if its true and perhaps some more info/ context. Cheers A
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