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  1. Irob


    All sounds similar to Tony Blair kissing Bush' s bum and sending us into Iraq on a WMD goosechase. There seems to be at least some credible evidence that Trump and his French n British 'stooges' are acting in good faith. NATO members are united in support of the operation too, though Merkel has kept extremely schtum not wishing to upset her boyfriend Vlad the Chemical Sprayer.
  2. Irob


    Informed debate always but only on your terms. So you are the authority and policeman of debate on this site it seems, as you have found me out. Found me out for what ? My point of view ?
  3. Irob


    Whatever, i,ve dealt with you before. i,ve watched you at work. You,re a bully. My point of view is as valid as yours so wind your neck in.
  4. Irob


    Lets debate the secret attack plan in parliament so Corbyn the Commie can advise Peaceluvvin Putin and Assad the Angel, the secret plan, and give them time to put women n kids in the chemical factories and call them schools and hospitals. What utter nonsense ! Now the dummy Abbott stirs the plot by tweeting photoshopped Israeli planes bombing Tehran !
  5. Irob

    Am I cursed ?

    Thank God for that, I thought Donald Trump had caused it !
  6. Irob

    Cologne Cathedral

    Interesting that the Germans liked their churches with twin spires. Theres many over Germany. Lubek has a huge twin spired church built with millions of red bricks. It was damaged in ww2 but repaired. Originally built in 12th century took 60 years to complete.
  7. Irob

    Rivers of Blood ? I don't think so

    I dont remember if Enoch Powell stated when , where, or how deep the 'rivers of blood' would be, and whose blood was going to flow ? The sewers of old London Town appear to collecting increasing amounts of the lifeforce of our ethnic youth. When do the 'flood of blood' alarms start wailing ? Are the bilge pumps working ? Where is the float switch ?
  8. Irob


    Only if they're smaller than us and our big bruvver is standing behind. I'm pretty sure the top neddies would try harder to negotiate if it was China dropping barrel bombs of chemicals onto Taiwan. Not much protest out of the rest of our NATO allies either.
  9. Irob

    what would you do !

    Nice to see that lots of the pimplies are gainfully employed and not wreaking death and destruction, though I did see that Coventry was recently 7th on someones list of most violent cities in the UK. There's obviously not enough professional, managerial and technical, nor skilled jobs for the youths of inner city London or Glasgow. May I suggest putting them on treadmill generators to make use of their energy to power hospitals. A year at that and we'll have a brilliant stock of cyclists for Team Gt. Britain. Its just a case of thinking outside of the box !
  10. Irob

    Diesel doubters

    Yes, its true ! Triffids do eat exotic dancers, thats why there,s a shortage in Braunston.
  11. Irob

    what would you do !

    At 16 years old in 1970 I left school and got an aero engine mechanics apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce in Coventry, a city packed with top industry. RR took 100 apprentices per year as did most of the other large car factories and other quality supporting companies . All most every pimply youth in every school went into industry. The industry has collapsed, almost non existant today. The population of pimply 16 -18 yr old youths may have increased in 48 years, but where are they all today ? They cant all be working in sainsbury,s surely ? Stacking shelves and working the tills the rest of my life would make me violent too !
  12. Irob

    RIP Eric Bristow

    Wow. A deeply flawed man.! I thought he just played darts and spoke his mind. Any #Me Toos coming out of the woodwork yet ? Was he on Jimmy Savilles Xmas card list ? Did he evade tax like Ken Dodd ? Cheat on his wife ? Maybe if you keep digging you can easily find something more on such a deeply flawed man who wasnt infected with PC. Jeez how many millions more deeply flawed men are still out there ? Scarey. I,ll choose to remember him as a working class bloke who played great darts. RIP Eric. From one deeply flawed male of the species to another.
  13. Irob

    Diesel doubters

    This is one type we find occasionally in Indonesia, strangely mostly in or close to cemeteries. I think there are several types of stinky plants.
  14. Irob

    Diesel doubters

    Wha....!! Triffids on the towpath ! What next ?
  15. Irob

    what would you do !

    Some evil folks need euthanising in my view. Assad and Mugabe spring to mind. Other than that I,d love to see some yobs n slobs in the village stocks for petty antisocial stuff. Rattan caning still works in Singapore's nice society, ask the spoiled yank kid caught key scouring cars, he wont do that again. My memory of 60,s bobbies remains unsullied, i only saw their good side as a youngster and they made their mark on me, such that I still respect the police force and rule of law. The shame is reduction of funding for both the police and youth development.