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  1. I will clarify. I have lived in indonesia some 25 years. In that time I have witnessed a relatively pluralistic nation becoming more and more engulfed by the rise of radical Islam, the bombings in both Jakarta and Bali, the acceptance of Sharia law in Aceh and now most of Sumartera, the burning of churches such that many Christians resort to opening churches in vacant shops in shopping malls for security. My partner,s father was a single parent muslim, having lost his wife, but sent his four only daughters away to catholic boarding school to free them from the Islam he could not himself escape from, following which he was ostracised by his islamic community until the end of his life. Such is my rational for the aversion and in my view justified prejudice and fear against this religiocommunist ideology. My fear is that it is spreading through Europe through the EUs open door policy and threatening to engulf my home nation. As a doctrine it brings with it normalised acceptances that our democracy and laws abhore, but it cannot be changed, and our niaivity bows down before it. I am not Islamophobic, a phobia after all is an irrational fear, my fear is based on experience and entirely rational. We would be wise to understand the threat. In my humble opinion. Next, having returned to UK in 2013 after 30 years working and living overseas in six very different countries, Sweden, Indonesia, Cyprus, Brazil, USA and Germany, I see a much changed nation overwhelmed with multicultures, yet young British people struggling to find the jobs and affordable housing that I myself was able to acquire as a young engineer in the 1970,s with ease. My view of this situation is the that we, as a nation, have become gullible to the whims of the EU beauraucracy and have sold our industry and financial institutions to outsiders both near and far, are continually pumping money into the lame duck countries of Europe, and allowing unequal transfer of unskilled Easter Europeans, and lame ducks, to absorb jobs and housing, and take away social benefits back to their home countries, at the cost to our own needy. My view, my democratically entitled view I add, is that the crime rates of many Eastern European countries are significantly higher than our own and that evidence was clear to me, to me personally that is, that we were allowing the influx of their proportional criminality to overwhelm our struggling underfunded police forces. In addition, but not finally, I perceive that our politicians ignore the will s of the British people to pay lip service to their new commanders in Brussels. I feel my country is being bled dry and overwhelmed by a vindictive conglomerate of old enemies thriving on revenge and seeking to bring Great Britain down a peg and toe the Shengen line. I see also the collapse of the EU as inevitable if it cannot be reformed. For these reasons, reasons, and still others that I perceive as true in my eyes and heart, I voted to leave the EU and believe our individual unique Britishness and inginuity will enable us to thrive in the open world markets, and house our young people again. I dont think my views are in isolation as the vote to leave was in the majority. I,m not proud. I,m not proud of my fear and sadness. I attempt to be open and honest. Now I find my views here not acceptable to others in what they declare is a democratic forum. They use the fashionable tongues of the new marxists to belittle, besmirch and insult anyone who opposes their views in order to stifle freedom of speech. Is this the new British version of democracy ? If it is, I dont fit into it anymore. I remember fairer times that I can seek to stand up for and recreate as best I can. Sorry I dont have an elloquent tongue as a few snakes appear to have here, I was shy as a kid and only went to an apprehensive school ! Insulting my lovely lady partner is as evident as snakiness as one could crawl to, and the other little barking dog is obviously the snakes bitch. As a thread I find Brexit 2017 has its run its course much too long and shown the intolerance and division that is tearing our society apart. I,ve said enough, I havent said it all. I rest my case and leave Brexit 2017 to the will of the Dogs ....( and snakes !)
  2. Whatever. Your just an arrogant smart arse to me. Why debate with tossers who dont like losing. Get stuffed i,m done. Get a canal boat and come see me sometime.
  3. So you predict now as well ? My god your talents no no bounds.
  4. I dont need a bloody clue mate. I,ve lived too. I voted as my heart and conscience led me. And you think you have the right to belittle me and others because you,re a political genius, a wonderful husband, and probably a dwarf with a napolean complex to match.
  5. Oh i,m not struggling to understand at all. I think you talk utter crap , but you have the democratic right to do so. You and your gang of ' intelectual superiors' just slag everyone off and enjoy belittling ordinary folk for their views. You lost the Brexit vote, get over it.
  6. I dont give a monkeys toss. I voted out. I,ll take what comes. I,m an Englishman. We,ve been through crap before, I wont die. What you remoaners dont grasp is you,re scared you might have to start working again and clean your own car. Sorry your wimbledon strawberries just went up. Tough titty !
  7. You are prejudiced against Brexiteers and Trump supporters, some of whom are of differing ethnicities and genders.
  8. Why should another referendum be required ? And then we can have another and another. Let the Scots have as many as they want too. We,ll have one every week if it suits you.
  9. Then it was a pretty meaningless statement.. i,m sure you have your prejudices too, you just showed some. You support marching against a democratic vote of the majority of British people so you seem to be against democracy as you also seem to dislike that the majority of yanks voted for whoever. So whatever or whoever you disagree with you,ll slag them off as undesirables and brand them as misfits in your brave marxist world.
  10. Well count me in as racist against islam but its a religion not a race but anyway, and eastern european criminal gangs, people traffickers and drug pedlars, i,m partnered to an indonesian by the way. Count me in for Brexit, I dont want anymore eastern european gangs nor corrupt Brussels beauraucrats dictating my life. Trump was democratically voted in by a majority showing the depth of feeling against rampant illegal immigration and corrupt democrats, the clinton mafia, my yank friends agree rather a chump than a criminal in the whitehouse, so that democracy will do for me. Mysoginy, I wouldnt have a clue about, my old mum and my dearest loves me and I treat them fine. So i suppose i score 3 out of 4 on your list. So what now ? Oh you missed bigot and homophobe off your trendy list.
  11. Whatever you think, just write it in.
  12. Worked for many politicians.
  13. Oh in that case i,ll be in the MGBGT march next street throwing stones at you. Put your German helmet on.
  14. Wow, who told you my story ? Theres a new term for western blokes MGTOW. Men GoingTheir Own Way. I,m currently partnering a new model female, a simple and lovely indonesian lady. I treat her like a lady and she treats me like a man (she washes, I dry ). When she swears at me, I,ve no idea what she,s saying. Hope springs eternal.
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