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  1. Hi, I have a Graham Parker boat, 1961 as per one survey, 1966 as per another. Steel hull and superstructure, iv been searching for info and history, and confirmation of where it was launched, 1 survey says Norton Canes. Any more information or history would be very much appreciated. Many thanks
  2. Ben Eggleton

    Ben Eggleton

  3. Hi Derek, Im new to this forum and generally not that handy with a computer. I tried posting pictures of the boat I have bought that I think is the Jasmine in question. iv started a new thread using some of the info from this thread to try and find some information. It's titled Jasmine, BCN Brownhills, Any information or history? the pictures should be there. Cheers
  4. Hi all, We have recently bought a beautiful but neglected narrowboat called Jasmine and we would love to find some history. In some old surveys from the 90s it says that she was built in 1964 by Graham Parker at Norton Canes Docks as a direct copy of a BCN tug with the same name, after hours of searching we can not find a BCN tug named Jasmine or any information about our boat, until I found a post on here that suggests she may have been built in 1961 by John Humphries who was a Director of Lew-Way in Brownhills. Here is a link to the post that i found In the 2nd video on this post you can see what looks like our boat, Here are some pictures of Jasmine as she is today ready to be renovated, we have some old negatives of the original sign writing that i will upload soon. If anyone has any information or old pictures we would be very grateful.
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