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James Millsop

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  • Birthday 19/05/1971

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    Stowe Hill Wharf, Weedon
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    Narrowboats! I lived aboard for 7 years before moving ashore when we were expecting a baby. I now run Rugby Boat Sales, a narrowboat brokerage based in Weedon on the GU. Other interests include the piano, bell ringing, walking and radio 4. Although with a 3 1/2 year old boy, little time to do any of the above!

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    Narrowboat Brokerage

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  1. James Millsop

    Stowe Hill in the evening

    And if you zoom in you can see how well priced the diesel is!!!!
  2. James Millsop

    Does anyone have a copy contract?

    Morning Peter. I can send you a copy of the BMF ones we use at Rugby Boat sales if that would help. If you ring the office 01327 342211 after about 8.30 we can take your email and send one over.
  3. Glad you got back safely both. That first photo looks like it was taken in Titchmarsh lock!
  4. James Millsop

    Long term mooring/storage

    Hello Thelazyfish, If you give Rugby Boats a call they may be able to help. 01327 342211. To the moderators - hope this does not contravene forum etiquette, but I am responding to a question?! Many thanks James
  5. James Millsop

    ...anybody on the canal de midi..?

    We hired a boat, La Criminelle, for a week a few years ago the week before Easter. One of the best holidays we have had. It was cheap was they needed to get a boat from Setes to Narbonne for the season, so we moved it for them at half the rate, and the canal was very quiet. Highly recommend it, but be prepared for traffic through the season.
  6. James Millsop

    Surveyor recommendations around Crick

    Hello, Our website (www.rugbyboats.co.uk) has a list of surveyors we would recommend. It is at the bottom of the home page. Prices do vary but they are all reputable and qualified. If you are asking whether or not you should get a new safety certificate, the surveyor should pick up any issues so I would not think that this is necessary. Regards James
  7. James Millsop

    Buyers Market vs Sellers Market

    That made me really chuckle
  8. James Millsop

    Buyers Market vs Sellers Market

    The boat does technically come off the market once a deposit has been taken, but as Wotever points out, if someone is prepared to pay straight up, its an easy decision for the vendor. No haggle, no hassle.....
  9. James Millsop

    Buyers Market vs Sellers Market

    I will tell Paul! Thanks for your good wishes, we will try and keep up the good work!
  10. James Millsop

    Chainsaws at the ready....Doris coming

    I can't see what the weather outside is doing because the CCTV camera which was recently installed outside has just blown off. But is sounds as though it is blowing a hooley
  11. James Millsop

    Buyers Market vs Sellers Market

    Hello, I have only just joined the forum today so hello all! I was curious to read the correspondence above. It seems as though it is pretty clear by now, but as a narrowboat broker myself I can confirm that it is very definitely a sellers market at present! Boats are selling so quickly once they come onto the market that the challenge is getting the boats to sell, not selling them. We are desperately short of stock. I think there are lots of reasons. The pension release rules, as someone mentioned above, for sure is having an effect. We are also selling many boats to relative youngsters who simply cannot afford to get on the housing ladder and see boats as a more economical option. The TV exposure that narrowboats are getting is having, I am sure, an impact and I also think that more people are looking at the UK as holiday options rather than foreign travel due to currency related cost increases and terrorism threats. My advice as and when you find your boat is certainly not panic buy. We have seen customers here buying boats without even having looked in the engine bay, and foregoing surveys, just to avoid missing out on the boat. So keep a steady head, but also do not dither. Accept that compromise will usually need to be made but proceed quickly once you think you have found your boat. Otherwise you will lose it.

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