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  1. Ouch

    Oooh ouch indeed, lavender essential oil is very soothing for burns and aids healing
  2. Breakfast

    Knew that would push the buttons.... They are just nice! But on a more serious note as you asked, some people who wish to be vegetarian or vegan for a variety of reasons find the transition hard. So some products that are similar to their meat counterparts fill a gap. On a personal level I eat very few meat pretend products as I don't feel the need to, my diet is healthy with plenty of home cooked meals and organic stuff when I can afford it.
  3. Breakfast

    We love a cooked breakfast at the weekend too, today it was grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, vegan sausages, baked beans and fried bread, washed down with proper coffee. Tomorrow it's maple pancakes - yum
  4. petrol shelf life, and side effects?

    They're Stihl interested..............?
  5. petrol shelf life, and side effects?

    Don't forget to run them dry thus avoiding a nasty case of gummedupitis ..........

    I spent my childhood in Sweden and Denmark, still waiting for proper snow here in the UK ...........
  7. Homeless

    This may be helpful to those who have concerns, taken from the Money Savings Expert website; HELP THE HOMELESS THROUGH THE BIG FREEZE That's all for this week, but before we go... in these subzero temperatures, spare a thought for the many homeless people struggling to keep warm. Charity StreetLink was set up to offer the public a way to act when they see someone sleeping rough. You can alert StreetLink to a homeless person you're concerned about by calling 0300 500 0914 or using its website - so they can get connected to local services. For more info see StreetLink.
  8. Homeless

    I think the key is to ask first, unfortunately not all towns/cities are well served for accessing food and drink on a regular basis. Having worked with homeless people I know that offers are usually gratefully received but of course you always get the odd one! Definetly support a local homeless charity if possible funding for these services is being cut and squeezed across the board, making it very difficult to continue to provide support.
  9. Homeless

    As said by others a direct offer of food and drink is the most direct and immediate way to help. The charity Shelter are also very good offering outreach services and ongoing support with accessing accommodation, health care, budgeting and life skills advice.
  10. overseas aid

    I have volunteered for Oxfam in the past and worked with them professionally as a partner agency hence knowing they are a Christian organisation. I have not intentionally been misandristic, if it comes across as so it is not the case, both men and women are capable of behaving badly and I have no axe to grind against either sex. Referring to my original post the point I am making is that sex for sale covers a whole raft of issues, and representatives of an aid organisation buying sex is not good for that organisations reputation and equally risky for both parties.
  11. overseas aid

  12. overseas aid

    Thing is its not really a choice it's a rotten set of circumstances where each option is bad, I am not probably but definitely right, also add mental health in to the mix as well. I may be on my boat on the K and A but at least I have worked with many people and helped them change their lives for the better, have you? I cannot put the world to rights, but discussion and awareness raising helps the process. Ultimately men buying sex without any concern for the women's circumstances perpetuates the problem, made even more heinous by the fact they work for a Christian organisation that is supposed to be providing aid. I am interested to see where Oxfam goes from here as it's reputation will be very severely dented.
  13. overseas aid

    It is an interesting perception that sex workers have made a 'choice' and are offering a paid for service all cosy and nice. The reality is poverty, drug/alcohol addiction, trafficking, crap housing and no hope. I have worked as a support worker in the past, some clients were sex workers, believe me it is not done out of choice but driven by the above, only a few women actually have control in the sex trade.
  14. I think i am going to give it a go but ?

    Good luck with your new venture self employed beats being employed hands down. 'Simply Business' are an insurance comparison broker who can give you quotes for public liability insurance, just look online. Also if you know any friendly accountants get some advice for your tax returns, HMRC won' tell you the best way to offset against tax!
  15. Vetus Bullflex flexible coupling experience

    Oh crikey now you are asking, gearbox ZF 25/2.0 reduction ratio 2:1 and over 5000 hours. Prop spec: 3 bladed bronze, right hand, 19" x 13" - had to dig the book out for that!