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  1. Meanderingviking


    Honestly! I've had words with him about this before and told him to stick to monk farming, you just can't get the staff, wait till Odin finds out there'll be trouble ..... πŸ˜‰
  2. Meanderingviking


    As unofficial Scandinavian viking rep, I can assure you we don't want them, far too sticky eugh! 😁
  3. Meanderingviking

    Some advice please

    Indeed buildings highly over rated, not an experience I want to repeat! 😁
  4. Meanderingviking

    Some advice please

    Good news, good luck with the room search πŸ–’
  5. Meanderingviking

    When does a caravan become a home?

    As your client has been served an enforcement notice he/she needs to contact the housing team at their local authority and apply as homeless needing accommodation straight away. Under the new housing act local authorities have a duty to provide assistance with accommodation to those deemed homeless or provide advice and guidance to those they do not have a statutory duty to house. Your client may be classed as 'vulnerably housed' but I think there is a strong case to say their present status is homeless, due to the nature of where they are living, which is temporary and unauthorised. I would also try and link in with any local housing/welfare charity as having an advocate can make a big difference to how successful an application for Housing is. Good luck
  6. Meanderingviking

    Boat build! TV casting request

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your search, Halsey and Mike the Boilerman have some good ideas there to research for any future productions.
  7. Meanderingviking

    Washing Machine and green detergent.

    No I really was right the first time, as I am a woman and always right .......πŸ˜‰
  8. Meanderingviking

    Washing Machine and green detergent.

    We use Bio D washing liquid, which works well. Really really grotty stuff benefits from a soak beforehand. Tsk!!!!! πŸ˜‚
  9. Meanderingviking

    Aylesbury Arm

    Marsworth pump out in working order at this time and only a very short reverse to the Aylesbury Arm, no sweat! πŸ‘β›΅
  10. Meanderingviking

    12.6 wide down the GU

    Absolutely agree, we cruised the Kennet and Avon, pinged through Newbury, Woolhampton and Reading on amber boards, the Thames on amber again and on to the Grand Union, and had a great time. The boat was superb on the rivers, kind of myth busts that fattys don't and can't move! πŸ˜‚
  11. Meanderingviking

    12.6 wide down the GU

    Loadsa room on the GU, we're 10 ft wide and manage to pass other boats or pull in quite easily. Lots of fluff and nonsense spoken on here about widebeams, which is stirring up aggro unnecessarily between boaters. We ALL have different boats, that make and add to the colour and interest of the waterways and should be appreciated for their unique qualities.
  12. Meanderingviking

    Giant Hogweed

    From the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) website; Although there is no statutory obligation for landowners to eliminate giant hogweed, local authorities will often take action to remove infestations in public areas. Plants that are undesirable, out-compete desired plants, or simply invade half the garden are classed as weeds and require control. Weeds from abroad with strongly invasive tendencies are termed β€˜invasive aliens’ and pose a severe threat to wild or other uncultivated environments, such as railway embankments. Because of the severity of the threat, legislation has been applied to invasive aliens, including giant hogweed. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) lists it on Schedule 9, Section 14 meaning it is an offence to cause giant hogweed to grow in the wild in England and Wales (similar legislation applies in Scotland and Northern Ireland). Also it can be the subject of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders where occupiers of giant hogweed infested ground can be required to remove the weed or face penalties. Local Authorities have powers under certain circumstances to require giant hogweed to be removed. First, consider whether this can be done using non-chemical means such as digging out or suppressing with mulch. Where these methods are not feasible, chemical controls may need to be used. When controlling giant hogweed always wear gloves, cover your arms and legs, and ideally wear a face mask when working on or near it. Cut plant debris, contaminated clothing and tools are potentially hazardous too. Wash any skin that comes in contact with the plant immediately. Ensure that contractors working on your land are aware of the risks and competent to deal with this weed.
  13. Meanderingviking


    Lemon squeezy ...........
  14. Meanderingviking


    Frozen pea denser than unfrozen pea, surface ice melts, pea sinks, carp get fed! 🍈🍈🐟
  15. Meanderingviking

    Best place to find someone up for an adventure?

    Good luck with your venture, I am sure at your age you've probably got a good idea what your limitations are and can talk about that with anyone offering to travel with you. πŸ‘

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