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  1. Always good to get first hand advice. We will pump out & water up before we get there. Many thanks! Granary Wharf it is!
  2. Just planning a trip to Leeds from Reedley, our first big trip since buying the boat, and would like to know how long we can stay on the visitor moorings in Leeds. Any help appreciated!
  3. I can understand that given the state of the world right now.
  4. All I can say is I have absolutely no idea of direction, nor left or right. It is a major hindrance and a huge irritation to Himself when he shouts "port" or "starboard". I can only apologise if I have misinformed. Still say, though, Barrowford is lovely
  5. I love the 3 day visitor moorings at Barrowford. It is so pretty there and very quiet at night. Barrowford is a lovely place too. I recommend stopping at either East Marten or Salterforth for an overnight and a meal in the local pubs, too. If you go down the locks, leave it til the morning, @8.30, and you may very well be helped by Michael, the lock keeper. He's a good guy and a great chatter. Further along takes you past Reedley Marina and into Burnley. Personally, I would recommend staying at Barrowford and not going any further. Maybe see you en route!
  6. Ah, no! We moved off yesterday morning and are now at Barrowford top lock for an overnighter. We'll be back up in a couple of weeks; we love Skipton. The canal is breathtaking and having the sun for the last few days has really brought the beauty to life. I normally experience it through a drudge of rain, wind and mud! If you're still around I'll nip over and say hi. Absolutely nothing wrong with a healthy dose of paranoia!
  7. I think Fate decided it was our turn this time! Well, I wouldn't let our experience put you off. It is a lovely town and well worth staying there a few days. Between the swing bridges is a decent location, very handy for Morrison's and Bizzie Lizzie's. The little sweethearts should be back at school around 2nd September and, hopefully, too tired for mischief. We plan on going back in a couple of weeks, so may see you there!
  8. We may try there next time. I think part of it was we were quite visible (not hard in a widebeam) and moored next to steps down to the road. I agree. We will be taking more care now and implementing stringent security measures. The police seemed to know who it was as well. Perhaps a stiff warning will help. It's not put us off at all. We love Skipton and plan to be back in September for a few days.
  9. Then we were neighbours! I think they picked on us because we're a bright & shiny widebeam. We were just by the water pipe near the electric swing bridge. Putting it down to experience now. The kids do seem to congregate over near the bus station; there was a herd of them there last night when we came back from the Chinese.
  10. We are doing so now, we're also looking at other security measures e.g a chain for mooring. Also a dog that will wake up in time to bark and not just sleep through it all! It is strange how areas can differ. We always try to stay where there is bright lighting when in towns. Didn't work out so well this time though. However, it was a good learning experience and no real damage was done. The police are looking into it, as well. We moved off this morning as we have to get back to Burnley in time for the match on Saturday!
  11. Just sent the photos via email to the local police. Bloody angry at the moment!
  12. Just a warning to anyone who is on, or plans to use, the Skipton visitor moorings during the school holidays. We are moored up behind the council offices and have just had our ropes untied by a group of teenagers who have been hanging around the 14 day moorings for a couple of days. There are 5 or 6 of them, a mixed group, and the ringleader is @15, with short, blond hair. They are on the look out for trouble. I have photos of them.
  13. LilyD

    wide beam

    Many thanks for this; Margaret is a power house and I have a lot to live up to if I don't want to let the distaff side down!
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