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    North London, not to far from the Regents canal.
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    1970s & 1980s 'classic rock' music, beer and womens. Was a member of this forum back in 2011 for several months but subsequently became inactive.

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  1. 1970's Rock

    Early 1970s 'Progressive Rock' has since about the early 1990s become known simply as either 'Prog Rock or just 'Prog' only. The Tubular Bells album by Mike Oldfield was a very big seller back in the early 1970s when it was first released although having recently re-listened to the entire album again I didn't find it that captivating or that enjoyable to listen to although it made Mike Oldfield's name into a household name back in the 1970s.
  2. 1970's Rock

    Yeah well back in 1991/92 I met this guy who was a 'rock dude' who happened to live in Robin's old home town of Southend-on-Sea in the county of Essex (about 35 miles east of London) anyway this guy was telling me that him and his woman were going out one Saturday evening about 5 years earlier and they decided to call for a mini cab/taxi to drive them to where they were going to and the taxi pulls up outside this dudes house and stone me who's driving it!!!!!. Yeah none other than 'the man' ROBIN TROWER!!!. The guy who was telling me this story was totally blown away being a BIG FAN of 'the man' himself!!!!!. Apparently times were a bit lean for 'the man' during the mid/late 1980s so he took to driving a taxi instead around the Southend-on-Sea area!!!. Strange to think only 10 years earlier he was playing stadiums across the USA and appearing on primetime television as well. "Oh well that's rock & roll folks!!"
  3. 1970's Rock

    The mighty QUEEN!!. I remember there 'Seven Seas Of Rye' when it was first released getting plenty of radio play on Radio One back in '73. Also I liked all there single releases during the 1970s & 1980s and all there albums are excellent to listen to as well.
  4. 1970's Rock

    I have a little known story about ROBIN TROWER that I will post later, it's a good one guys!!. "I'm still living the 70s rock dream in 2017!!."
  5. 1970's Rock

    Yeah Dire Straits 'Sultans Of Swing' was all over the radio during the summer of 1978 I remember it well. Also guy's I forgot to mention that I like Steve Hillage especially his 'L' album from 1976 a good album indeed. Although Steve had previously played in Gong (a far out hippy dippy kinda band) before going solo under his own name Steve then got into techno-dance music with his System 7 set up in the 1980s & beyond.
  6. 1970's Rock

    Personally I never really got into Dire Straits they were to 1980s for my liking (although they were around in the mid/late 1970s) but also because of Mark's 80s style sweat band!!. Only joking guy's there 'Money For Nothing' I could listen to that song all day and never get tired of it!!.
  7. 1970's Rock

    All the Robin Trower fan's myself included claim the album Bridge Of Sighs from 1974 is his best work and it is but I also have a liking for his first album Twice Removed From Yesterday from 1973 which has some real tasty guitar playing and song structures on that album with tracks like Daydream, I Can't Wait Much Longer, Hannah, Rock Me Baby, Twice Removed From Yesterday, Sinner's Song & Ballerina with maybe some 'classy filler tracks' included such as Man Of The World & I Can't Stand It thrown in as well, it mite even have a slight edge on Bridge Of Sighs for me??.
  8. 1970's Rock

    The MAN BAND boyo!!. Yeah I still like listening to the live album 'Maximum Darkness' from 1975 and Micky Jones was a good player with his Gibson SG a joy to watch and listen to but also not forgetting Deke Leonard on guitar & organ, Martin Ace on bass and Terry Williams on drums. Terry went on to join Dave Edmunds in Rockpile in the late 1970s.
  9. 1970's Rock

    Yeah Snafu a blues/rock band from the early 1970s if my memory serves me correct that had in the line up Micky Moody who went on to play one of the guitar spots in David Coverdale's Whitesnake the other bloke on guitar being Bernie Marsden and a bit later on after Bernie departed the late Mel Galley.
  10. 1970's Rock

    Lol ha ha ha... F.U.B.B. is a Wishbone Ash album track off of there 1975 release 'There's The Rub' and is shorthand for F**ked Up Beyond Belief. F.U.B.B. starts off with Martin Turner's funky sounding bass guitar before developing into a tasteful but heavy guitar dominated instrumental number which 'the Ash' still occasionally play today in concert.
  11. 1970's Rock

    I am not sure that his record label 'Chrysalis Records' during the 1970s actively promoted him that much in the UK other than publicise his latest album release in the music press?. Robin was part of that 1970s 'album orientated' movement of musician's and bands that were aimed at the 'serious rock music fan' I assume that he was probably content with the success that he achieved in the UK during that time although in the USA it was a different story during the 1974-1978 period where he was promoted as 'the next Hendrix' becoming huge and selling out stadiums and appearing on mainstream television!.
  12. 1970's Rock

    I met Robin after a gig many years ago for a quick chat back stage and he's a nice guy. My favourite albums of Robin's are Twice Removed From Yesterday (1973) Bridge Of Sighs (1974) For Earth Below (1975) Robin Trower Live! (1976) Long Misty Days (1976) In City Dreams (1977) Caravan To Midnight (1978) Victims Of The Fury (1980) B.L.T. (1981) Truce (1982) Back It Up (1983) & Beyond The Mist (1985) since 1985 Robin has released a number of 'quality albums' on various labels one of my favourites is 20th Century Blues (1994). Robin is now in his later years but is still currently active in music god bless him. Robin Trower played guitar in Procol Harum (1967-1971) although he didn't play on there 'classic' hit song A Whiter Shade Of Pale. In 1971 Robin left Procol Harum and went solo forming his own band simply called Robin Trower releasing his first album Twice Removed From Yesterday in 1973 although the follow up album released in 1974 and called Bridge Of Sighs is widely regarded as a 'classic rock album' from the 1970s and the fan's favourite album.
  13. 1970's Rock

    Here's a 'classic' 1970s British rock album guy's from a classic English rock band- WISHBONE ASH and there 1971 album PILGRIMAGE enjoy it... The line up- Andy Powell guitar/vocals, Ted Turner guitar/vocals, Martin Turner (no relation to Ted) bass/vocals & Steve Upton drums.
  14. 1970's Rock

    1970s Rock. I am a 'student' of 45 years of 1970s 'classic rock' bands such as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Focus, Atomic Rooster, Ten Years After, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Free, Robin Trower, Status Quo, The Who, Rick Derringer, Ronnie Montrose, Johnny Winter, Nazareth, Rory Gallagher, Golden Earing, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, Mountain, Slade, Argent, Eric Clapton, Sweet, Wishbone Ash, The Groundhogs, Arthur Lee & Love, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Silverhead, Phil Lynott & Thin Lizzy, Marc Bolan & T.Rex and many more... "Living the life of a part-time 70s rock superstar..."
  15. The Grain Run.

    The Grain Run?. Does anyone remember the Sunblest bread 'grain run' on the river Thames as featured on the Magpie television programme circa 1969/70?. A 'bargee' is filmed and interviewed by the film crew while working a motorised Thames lighter in the area of (or through?) Teddington lock while taking grain to the Sunblest factory somewhere on the river Thames. It was only seen once on the telly 47-48 years ago so my facts maybe slightly muddled?.