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  1. I have never noticed the fan on the bluesmart charger kick in . The cooling fan sound on my previous charger was audible. But as said it would seem logical to mount the charger vertically. It's about the size of a house brick .So quite compact.
  2. Another vote for the Victron Bluesmart 30A. I fitted the 3 output version last year and no issues. If left on after the batteries are fully charged the charger goes into maintenance mode which uses a penny or two a day in electricity. After a week with no activity it gives the batteries a top up charge.
  3. A really good run to Hull (Monday) with little wind , the odd dark cloud but no rain . Just ripples on the water surface. It did rain earlier in the day while we were waiting on the pontoon at Gainsborough .
  4. Can you say you never went from Burton Waters to Saxilby by boat ? All of 3 miles. Or perhaps even to the Pyewipe Inn which must be about a mile?
  5. I wonder why the recent diesel price increase has not made HVO a cheaper alternative.
  6. We are out on the boat most weekends April to September including some long weekends . Did West Stockwith in mid May and will probably do so again later in the summer. But yes just the one sea trip per year.ĺ More than most do from Farndon and from Burton Waters.
  7. That would be us. We like to have plenty of depth at Laneham so we tend to go earlier than would be preferred by a narrowboat. But it was very shallow just below Cromwell. I guess busy or quiet it a relative term. We have been used to the pontoon at Torksey being almost empty. It's full now with boats rafted up. We had wanted to stop at Dunham but the pontoon was occupied. The wind has calmed now. Yes rain is forecast tomorrow morning. But we have an interior helm for our morning trip to Gainsborough where we will wait for the time required to meet the next tide before the M180.
  8. I have twin 170hp engines. Probably 8 to 10 litres per hour at river speeds. 60 litres per hour at 25knots. Needless to say we dont do 25knots very often. U boats are economical on fuel by comparison. Torksey cut is pretty full with boats rafted up right now. Earlier in the year the river was very quiet but that seems not the case just now. Four sea boats including us are going from Torksey to Hull tomorrow and further out to salty water if the wind will just calm down a bit. The fuel cost is significant and I expect it cause people to reconsider their travel plans . We are trying to make other economies to offset the boat fuel cost but really the increasing gas/electric cost at home and inflation generally is a much bigger deal. I think home energy costs will cause people to economise by using their boats less more so than the cost of diesel .
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. That's a ridiculous statement too. You seemed to be criticising co detectors for false alarms due to battery gas which is why I thought you meant they were a nuisance.
  13. Then how do you otherwise detect carbon monoxide which is invisible and has no odour?
  14. Can it wait until September?
  15. If you don't see a value in CO alarms and smoke alarms I don't think you can be trusted with your own safety.
  16. I recently noticed an intermittent beeping alarm from a near neighbours boat at the marina and on closer inspection an odour. I turned out to be one of his batteries which was gassing and had become very hot. I called the marina office who passed the message on to the boat owner.. The battery charger had been left on. The shore power was disconnected. The owner attended and he thinks an explosion was narrowly avoided . The beeping alarm was from the CO monitor. Surely a good thing and not a nuisance.
  17. I did get a CO alarm on the boat before they became a BSS requirement. Also have some at home. I met some young adults , one blind and his sister in a wheelchair due to CO poisoning when they were children. A particularly bad outcome that has affected many lives. A CO alarm would not have helped in their case but it shows what damage can be done.
  18. Sounds like an epitaph .
  19. Where is this location that has so many BSS inspectors - seems exceptional. 45p/mile - probably 50p/mile at current fuel costs The nearest examiner to me is a 50 mile round trip So there's an hour or so of his time to add to the mileage rate MOT testers can't travel to the car can they. The overheads are diluted by the number of cars tested per day (say 8 to 10) with an almost certain supply of work which is a much bigger number than BSS tests that can be done in a day (say 1 or 2 an exceptionally 3 ) with an unreliable supply of work. What do you think a BSS exam and certificate should cost?
  20. I believe a car mot takes about 45 minutes and the customer has to take the car to the test station. Do you expect travelling time for free? Do you expect to pay for fuel only and not a mileage rate that reflects all car running costs . Zero overheads ? - what about the fees paid to BSS and the training fees and insurance ? If you can train up and do BSS exams for £100 each certificate I guarantee to employ you to do so for as long as I own a boat and I suspect you will never be short of work.
  21. How are you preventing contamination of the water supply from the toilet?
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