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  1. I do use Baldwin filters for oil and fuel. I had the benefit of my engine being serviced professionally including the supply of alternative filters and I simply took the Baldwin references from that. The Inline filters cross references proved to be correct.
  2. I imagine the examination is a lot quicker if the boat owner is not present.
  3. Yes in writing. I have only bought two boats and had a written contract in both cases. Usually there is a strict limit on the time to pay the balance after a satisfactory survey . A couple of weeks ?
  4. Probably would have given it a go today . Wavelength 34metres which is okay not too lumpy . 0.5m waves which is tolerable. Not getting better over the next couple of days. The East coast experts say don't go if the wind has east in it.
  5. You should agree with the broker the boat becomes yours at the point you make the payment of the full balance owed Insure the boat from the day you pay the full balance. If its insured by both you and the present owner for a day that's no big deal.
  6. MartynG

    Dreaming, ?

    Gambling addiction by the masses must be a Scottish thing. May explain why no one can buy your flat.
  7. Wind is F3 and under but in the wrong direction at the moment.
  8. I just had a little tidy up in the engine bay this evening , a little light dab of grease here and there as required . I have recently bought some inexpensive tool boxes from B&M. Certainly not professional quality but if treated with due care they will do the job for my light duty needs. These are already helping improve my otherwise disorganised collection. The chief officer will be happy that things are tidy and can be more easily found when required . The tool boxes fit nicely in the storage lockers on the boat - more by luck than judgement. I have tried not to bring too many tools to the boat but seem to be losing the battle.
  9. One of the removed impellers is better than the other. The split is only partial length but I will take a closer look. I have at least one other removed spare on the boat and two useable spares will be plenty.
  10. Yes. The removed impellers will be retained, hopefully never to be required.
  11. MartynG

    Dreaming, ?

    If not a narrowboat what sort of boat would you buy (if money was no object)?
  12. That's interesting as my insurance which I renewed in March went up 20% but remained competitive against several others . I may have to try craft insure next time. The lowest insurance quotation among those I asked was SAGA but only by a few pounds so I did not change my insurerer from last time. Maybe I should ask for the cruising range to be increased next time too - perhaps that attracts a lower premium ?
  13. Neither an MOT on a car nor a BSSC on a boat is certificate of overall safety as each test only examines certain things. As an example my car passed a MOT last week with a nail in the tyre tread and air escaping (slightly) . It was clearly unsafe but it did not fail the MOT. (A new tyre was fitted the next day). I am sure there are similar analogies relating to the BSS examination.
  14. Today fitted new raw water impellers - lump water boat. The old impellers were just starting to deteriorate but no bits missing - so I have had good value out of them. One of the brace face plate screws snapped - I only gave it the lightest touch. Looks like it may have been defective a while.
  15. It does. But the picture shown ins not a hull identification number and it's on a plank.
  16. Definitely Part 1 ships register number and tonnage . https://www.rya.org.uk/knowledge-advice/regulations/Pages/boat-registration-in-the-UK.aspx I had a similar board with my first boat (which is a lumpy water boat) . There was no benefit for me in renewing the registration as a new owner. Prior to 1994 the ships registration lasted indefinitely . Since 1994 it has to be renewed every 5 years otherwise the registration is lost.
  17. Priced to sell as they say. Maybe you have not been looking in the right area.
  18. I quite enjoyed that - especially the part from Colwick onwards .
  19. or perhaps ''pilot'' or ''helm'' The term ''drive'' a motor boat is certainly applied to cruisers.
  20. I believe a boat (or ship) wears a flag.
  21. Structural failure. It's one of the automated lift bridges of which there are several in that neck of the woods. C&RT should be checking them all , I would hope. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/14816/wykewell-lift-bridge-failure
  22. I had not heard about that and it is not reported on the C&RT website.? However Selby is closed ?
  23. I think alan referred to the masts of the yachts appearing to be moored beyond the garden wall of your new house.🤣🤣
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