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  1. There is something in that. If say two boats approach a bridge from opposite directions the boat travelling downstream has priority. However in this case there was no bridge nor any other restriction. The narrowboat should have turned to starboard to avoid the collision.
  2. It was clear that both boats were going for the same mooring. However the narrowboat was disobeying the colregs . The cruiser was the stand on vessel . The narrowboat was the give way vessel. Had the cruiser not required the mooring the narrowboat should have passed him port to port, which was obviously not going to happen. While it seems the narrowboat owner is some sort of journalist he seems to be novice boater unaware of the rules of the road as defined in the colregs.
  3. By the way The structure you refer to, which is for navigation by boats, is an "aqueduct" . A "viaduct" carries a road , which may be a railway . The term 'road' is applicable to a railway as well as a highway.
  4. That's a very good point. The weight of water if taken with the water at its maximum possible level would be all that is required.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Clearly not everyone is so well informed or clever as you. Some clever sales scammers have been hard at work. Many even disguised as high street banks.
  7. At West Stockwith a few weeks ago the bins had some bulky upholstered seating in them. Stuff that should have been taken to the local council waste site.
  8. It's been at least 10 years since I bought a key and it was about a fiver.... not exactly expensive. I guess there will inconsiderate and otherwise undesirable people among any large group.
  9. I cant say I have witnessed that . Is it boat owners?
  10. Do you think the boater witnessed abusing that bin would have dumped his bag of rubbish if there had been no bin ?
  11. Yes you did. But it was with repeating. That's exactly the sort of bin they are planning to remove...... I think.
  12. It seems whatever C&RT do it receives objections from this forum. The removal of bins to reduce abuse fly tipping is clearly an experiment. People who think it will not succeed may themselves be potential fly tippers ? The presence if a small bin may act as a sign to say dump your rubbish here. The empty space does not attract tipping of rubbish any more than any other spot.
  13. the number of bins stated may be the number emptied per year?
  14. When my pump became faulty the pump failed to shut off . However it was a gradual failure. However it is possible the pump has failed. Or possibly a leak has developed at the pump or between the pump and the tap. Or ,as said, the water tank needs refilling. Or could the breather be blocked ? Try opening the filler cap to let air in? I needed water adding only yesterday as the gauge indicating a quarter full tank was being its optimistic self.
  15. It's a time of great change. I will not rush to sell my boat just yet.
  16. Do you have a timescale for that? Sounds like it could be sooner rather than later.
  17. I dont want to think about the UK waterways without boats.
  18. I have done a few waste projects. When in operation they tend to have a certain aroma. It's the smell of money.
  19. By the way the abuse of the bins at Gunthorpe was certainly not by boaters . I imagine the abuse of the toilets at Cromwell was not boaters.
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