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  1. The following source doesn't suggest a particularly long wait https://www.canalshop.co.uk/acatalog/nichs.html
  2. That might be why you think houses need less maintenance - usually the owner pays for it and/or has to do it.
  3. Some boats overstay on a regular basis and others occupy visitor moorings on a very long term basis . This does limit opportunities for others who might want to stay a shorter duration - visitor moorings are almost all 48hrs in my neck of the woods. C&RT don't enforce the rules that already have in place . It not surprising that boats from a marina may cruise the same stretch of river every weekend and very possibly use the same visitor moorings very regularly . It would be unreasonable to prohibit that.
  4. Do you mean the flue is under cover inside the cockpit canopy ? If so that sounds potentially lethal.
  5. Filters may be best bought a few at a time since mail order charges are often fixed regardless of order size . I have found some car filters that avoid the marine price tag. When servicing the engine its usually only the oil that I need to buy in. A filter wrench is probably a good investment . The choice may well be influenced by the boat and the ease or otherwise of reaching the filters. Other tools such as spanners , screwdrivers I try not to keep in excessive quantity but have a selection that I use regularly . A socket set is useful . I have added one off sockets for certain jobs. A collection of electrical connectors is often useful . If you remove drive belt and it looks half reasonable then keep it as an emergency spare - this may ensure you will never ever need the spare 😀
  6. I can confirm that GRP boats do have anodes . I have them on the outdrives , the trim tabs and the bow thruster. I use aluminium anodes that are suitable in fresh or salt water. Magnesium anodes for fresh water will not last long in salt water. Zinc anodes for salt water may be ineffective in fresh water. I used Seajet 031 which I bought locally . Coverage is 10m2 per litre . I used a primer from the same manufacturer to ensure a good bond and avoid any reaction . It was about £60 per 2.5litre tin.
  7. I took the opportunity to say the BSS is not fit for purpose .
  8. There is no such thing as a carbon free boat or anything else for that matter . But the electrically propelled boats sound interesting . I can imagine the canals being the ideal place to have electric propulsion due to the slow pace of travel. But try that on a river like the Trent and against the flow and the power demands must go up quite a lot ? Do you know what range / running time is expected from the electric narrow boats being produced ?
  9. That's probably because most people on this forum are unlikely to be buying a brand new boat anytime soon , or ever. Existing diesel boats aren't going to be banned .... are they?
  10. Its not a simple mater of fitting bollards . Bringing sufficient capacity of power supply to a location can be very expensive unless there is adequate power supply already on site . But I do look forward to seeing more electricity supplied for use by boaters. My request to use the electricity bollards at West Stockwith basin (as a visitor) was refused by C&RT. I made it clear I expected to pay.
  11. What council facilities are absent? Only bin collection being absent comes to mind buts that's a small part of the things that are funded by council tax.
  12. I think you are quite correct - you should have been charged council tax........unless you pay council tax elsewhere.
  13. A house is far from maintenance free . Despite buying a newly built house in 1990 we have replace two bathrooms , one kitchen, all windows and external doors - front door replaced twice , , gutters and fascias replaced , decorated several times but is never ending , garden needs constant work and wife is presently looking to spend a substantial sum on the garden. I wouldn't like to work out what we have spent over the years. By comparison the boat maintenance costs are cheap.
  14. I have the Hybrid touch e7 fitted in 2015 and pleased it has buttons as well as touch screen. In a very lumpy sea the touch screen was useless . These products are soon out of date. Charts see to have increased in price but sounds like you have the upmarket version.
  15. I have noticed the Raymarine Element is quite a lot cheaper than the touch screen models - seems good value with little in the way of lost functions.
  16. Its just a proposal in a consultation document . Not legislation. What they suggest is not viable. It would be sensible to have a transition period during which contamination with red dye is accepted. In any case a boat may have red diesel in its tank and fuel system years after the change to supply of white diesel. Does HMRC propose that boat fuel tanks and fuel systems need to be flushed out so there is no trace of red dye? Having red diesel in a boat tank cannot possibly be proven as an offence unless HMRC can prove it has been added after 1st April 2020.
  17. No The first white diesel fuel deliveries to marinas will in any case be stained red by the fuel already in the marinas tank. Is the boater to be held liable for that ? I suspect not.
  18. I don't have a receipts for most of the fuel I have consumed in my boat . Is that a problem ?
  19. Why would you need to prove that ? Who is going to be dipping the tanks in boats ? Even if checked at say 5 years after April 2022 and red diesel is found how can the checker know the fuel was not purchased before April 2022. Plenty of boat hardly go anywhere as may have fuel in them that is years old. Who will require this proof ?
  20. Not really much of an issue in a Yacht owner . A yacht may consume less than 100 litres a year .
  21. It's not entirely clear to me whether the 60/40 split will continue to be applied or whether that just up for discussion. The worst case scenario is full duty payable . At the 60/40 split the pump price at marinas is presently about the same as supermarket fuel so there would be no motivation to use marina bought fuel in a car nor any motivation to refuel boats with supermarket fuel (with associated greater risk of spillage into the aquatic environment). If the 60/40 split is applied I will be happy with that . Those who have been buying red diesel only at the domestic rate will see a substantial price increase. Some suppliers have been offering 60/40 only for a while . Especially coastal sources where it is quite apparent the 60/40 split is generous in favour of the boater. It seem to me marinas near me have adequate security with tanks being underground or otherwise adequately defended by gates and monitored by cameras . So no change there. If there are retailers that are genuinely at greater risk of theft they may have to close it will simply transfer the business to those who remain. None for propulsion. The HMRC are not intersted in boaters say - its businesses that must respond.
  22. Regardless of any fears about theft it seem already decided by the UK government that white diesel at full duty price will be the fuel we will be buying for use in boats starting 1st April 2022. Whether any economic pressures will delay that date remains to be seen.
  23. That is evidence the thieves don't care what colour the fuel is.
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