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  1. Surely boating can never be regarded as unnecessary ? I do own my own boat and house (together with the chief officer). However I dont consider myself wealthy . Money spent on the purchase of a boat is not really spent as it is mostly recoverable.
  2. There are probably still some visitor moorings ,a pontoon, upstream from Bardney lock . There was and may still be electricty available on it but you need a pre paid card. If you want to move I suggest that pontoon. Dont attempt the lock until you have seen it is safe beyond.
  3. . There is a shear pin too but the prop proved to be the weaker link.
  4. The fishists who discard their line should be banned. I have seen quite a few swans with fishing line hanging from their beaks. It's not nice to see. Cruisers of the sea boat variety do not have any grills ove the bow thruster tube. At least none that I have seen. My bow thruster prop did break. It was probably due to debris being drawn in. The plastic prop failed but that failure protected the expensive metal drive.
  5. Not sure I would have stopped there. The flow may become very fast when the sluices are open.
  6. I recall flooding on the Trent in early June a couple of years ago. It seems we may be treated to a repeat performance . I would imagine flows are already uncomfortably fast for narrowboat. A week from now it will probably all be back to normal.
  7. You might find the lights on red at the exit from Brayford Pool?
  8. More rain is forecast . And not just a drop of it.
  9. If we do leave the EU we will not revert to imperial measures for everything as it was back in the 1960's. However it may be beer in a bottle or can could be marked only as a pint.
  10. I see it says 'pint can' .... but I bet esewhere on the can it says 568ml.
  11. I had a can of Bud at the weekend and thought it had a distinctive taste but couldn't quite figure out what it was. Thank you for clarifying what that taste was.
  12. A lot of people live in house and are competent boaters. Nor does living on a boat make that person a competent boater.
  13. Did you not notice Staythorpe power station? The weir is immediately downstream
  14. I would imagine you would easily fit on the inside of the pontoon . But whether it is practical to do so for getting past other boats I don't know. There are no shore showers/toilets as far as I know. We stayed on there once and the outlook was very pleasant. Not sure how many electric points there are - but there is electricity . The pub in Bleasby is dog friendly . I think it was on this forum the prices at Kings have gone up and are now a near match for Farndon and Newark. I thought you liked the hard standing arrangements at Burton Waters and it sounded like it was good value.
  15. MartynG


    I would say so yes .
  16. MartynG


    18 inches below what ? Here at Farndon it had been a bit low but not low enough to cause any issues .
  17. It's not illegal to show the price per kg alongside the price per pound.
  18. But you will have purchased the fuel for your car (and boat ) by the litre and paid for it with decimal currency .
  19. The gauge at Farndon indicates the river level is rising rapidly. Not surprising after raining all night and still it's raining. Next doors cat spent the night indoors at our house. Feels like winter. The cat clearly agrees. I would suggest boats on the R.Trent and safely moored should remain where they are and be aware of changing water levels.
  20. Never mind. They may be found next time.....or not. May I suggest a fixed sign indicating 'ventilation to be provided when the stove is in use'.
  21. The brokerage at the marina where I keep my boat has nearly sold out.
  22. Perhaps now you are no longer plugged into the mains the battery charger needs to be switched off (if the charger runs via the inverter).
  23. How long after disconnecting shore power before the low battery light comes on? And as requested how many and what capacity is the domestic bank?
  24. My Eberspacher recently stopped after running on a low setting a couple of hours. The boat has been with me since 2014 and the heater not touched in that time. I suspect the heater may never have been serviced since the boat was new in 2003. It was the ECU that had failed so not really sure if it was the low heat setting that caused the fault. The new ECU which was easy to fit. However I agree with idea if using the heater only on a high setting .
  25. That would be a perfect world for batteries Not surprising they lasted 10 years especially as they were top quality expensive batteries. My wifes car is 11 years old ,used most days except when we are on holiday and has it's original battery. Many of us are in full time employment and boating is a weekend and holidays activity often with months of winter inactivity. That is not good for battery life.
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