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  1. Now I'm confused. The only boat I've owned is my current 80s trad. The bilge is always wet. Either from rainwater or what I thought was 'normal' leakage from the stern gland when cruising (greaser seals it up fine when not running). Should I be aiming for a dry bilge somehow? How??
  2. Yes, that's not right. In bright sunlight I've seen almost 20a from a pair of 100w panels when testing them in my garden prior to fitting...
  3. Good luck to you and genuine best wishes. For me, I've loved the water ways for many years and always wanted a narrow boat. Nothing wrong with GRP but for us trad NB is a dream come true. And with a Squirrel to heat us, comfy double bed, proper kitchen and pump out bog she's a home from home. I worry how you will cope in such a small space and with such limited facilities. Ajax was built in the early 80s and as a 'project' boat my no means expensive. As you said already, each to their own, but for us it was only ever going to be a NB good thing as living out on the Aylesbury arm our locks are narrow. Just saying, there is a rich and beautiful history of our canal network and we prefer to enjoy it without a tupperware craft
  4. I am moored online and have shared phone number with our neighbours. We all look out for each other which I thought was pretty normal. Surprised no one thought to contact you!
  5. Thanks! There is an adjuster on the pressure switch. So I guess if I have problems at 30psi that's all I need to do?
  6. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. My Shurflo 20psi 10.8 litres per minute fresh water pump has gone south. I've dismantled and cleaned up but no joy. Fair enough though as it has been in service for many years so going to spend £50 on another. However there is no direct replacement. I've just had a new 20psi pump delivered but found it only delivers 7 litres per second. So damn ordered the wrong one. However the 10 litre version is now 30 psi. So what to do. There is no direct Shurflo swap. I don't want to drop flow to 7 litres as I'm powering kitchen, bathroom and shower and am happy with the flow as is. But if I order the 10 litre model do I need to worry about going up to 30psi? As usual I'm looking for an easy swap as the connectors, mountings and electrics are identical on the new ones. So thinking of returning it for the 10 litre 30psi but concerned if that's going to be to much for the pipework. Any thoughts??
  7. Trad for me too. I've tried cruiser stern and on a big family sized boat it was good (9 on board) but enough room for me and Mrs Jak. Though TBH she's usually sat out on the bow with a Bacardi!
  8. Lol. Ok many toilet posts. Never had a problem with the basic dump through pump out. Not a great deal to go wrong. The blu seems to keep on top, no nasty niffs here!
  9. My vote to Wvern too. On the GU at Leighton Buzzard. A top hirer. Choice of North up past Milton Keynes, or South towards London. Perhaps trying the narrow Aylesbury arm on the way.
  10. I'm getting on ok. Can see the latest posts, search for info and see topics. Maybe I'm simple but works well 4 me thanks.
  11. For the gas you need someone certified for marine bottled gas intstallations. I found this hard. Rang a guy who was listed as capable and he told me though he had the qualification he had never used it! So far as new vs used? iMHO I'd buy a boat that a PO has lovingly fitted out to a good standard. Find someone genuine you can trust. Older cheaper boats are good so long as properly cared for. Still plenty of opportunities to put your own stamp on. Just my thoughts.
  12. Good news. Be sure to post up some pictures. Where will you be cruising?
  13. I've travelled from London to MK on the GU. Some narrow bridges that must be tight for a fat boat, but you will be ok. For me I'll stay narrow. Some of the best canals for scenery , wildlife and peacefulness are narrow boats only I'm afraid
  14. If you ask for advice then you should be prepared to receive it! This forum is best for finding out all the mistakes everyone else has made over the years and maybe avoiding them? If you don't want the advice then don't ask!! We have spent months upgrading Ajax - and where do you recon we went for ideas and experiences? Should be constructive criticism, and most of it is
  15. Is it just me, or since I joined 7 months ago all of the new posters want to buy a live a board, most having no experience of the cut. I've always enjoyed boating and am proud that we own our own modest craft at last. Moored on-line on a busy towpath guess what the main topic is from passers by? Thinking of moving on to a narrowboat, but know very little about it, can you help? And I do from the limited experience I have and then point them to here. Does make me wonder if sometime soon the whole system is going to be clogged with people looking for a cheaper life that are put off by the other option "Park Homes". Maybe I should shut up, but I got here through a love of the inland waterways and a dream to one day own a boat. Not to find a cheap floating home.
  16. Best of luck. I was relieved when the survey showed my cheapish 1980s hull to be solid. Bear in mind as my surveyor said - if you are buying "subject to survey" there may well be room for negotiation if faults are found... Let us know how it goes
  17. Jak

    Narrow Dog

    I read this a couple on months ago, Narrowboat across the channel then further adventures (yes I bought the other books and enjoyed them too). Read them, liked them, fancy a trip to France??? http://www.narrowdog.com/
  18. I've a take on this too. It's surprising the effect a strong wind has on a 50 ton boat. I'm still,learning!
  19. Bonded to roof with Wickes contact adhesive and going nowhere! These are 2 100w
  20. I can believe this easily having been taking care of rust in the front locker, engine compartment and bilge!
  21. Happy days. Good to have a project boat. Hull integrity is key. Enjoy putting your mark on your new boat. We are.
  22. Hi. It's leaking somewhere. Provided you have plenty of antifreeze note the color and look for blue or pink water?
  23. Worryingly theres no pump out on a Sunday, so Saturday Vindaloos are definitely not on!!
  24. Too true Nick. Happy to pay £15 for someonelse to handle the contents of my bog. I've done caravans and know the alternative
  25. Busy busy. Decided not to bother refitting chimney. Instead replaced the 2 cheapo 4 year old leisure batteries with 3 smart new ones. Took the opportunity to upgrade Ajax from all 12v to 240v with a 1000w (2000w peak) pure sine wave inverter. Luxury!
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