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  1. We've had mostly positive experiences of them over 2 years boating so it can't be all bad.
  2. Jak

    Dreaming, ?

    And me. After a couple of years NB ownership I'd love to go over to Crick this year and talk about commissioning a new build. But the waterways are still ready to be explored in a slightly tatty 1980s 48ft trad.
  3. Jak

    Too much solar?

    Yup, it works well enough for what we need. I originally started the thread to see if there was a rule of thumb for solar (W) to battery’s (ah). It’s been a very interesting thread, but the answer to my simplistic question seems to be a No.
  4. What he said. From 20k you will be able to find a useable older boat with plenty of scope to improve and make something you can be proud of. Working for us anyway!
  5. Jak

    Dreaming, ?

    I disagree. I would have plenty to buy, but high on the list would be a really decent narrowboat. Rather jealous of those beautiful bespoke new boats.
  6. Jak

    Too much solar?

    Hmmm. I need to check where the blue wire goes as I honestly can't remember. Yes, the black and red wires come from the solar controller and are due to be connected properly (and to either end of the bank) - they are just 'jammed' in to the clamps on the nearest yellow battery. I'd forgotten I left it like that....
  7. Jak

    Too much solar?

    I agree. And we originally had 2 (knackered) x 110ah and replaced with the 3 x 95ah simply because they were smaller batteries and I could shoehorn them into the box (even then with some modifications). I cannot see how to make space for more batteries. It's quite tight under there ☹️.
  8. HI all. I suspect this is too general a question, but is there a rule of thumb between W of solar and AH of battery bank? We have 3 x 95AH batteries and have 3 x 100w panels. This seems to work well and suit our needs as hobby boaters. I could add panels, but suspect it would be a waste as we already have what's needed to fill the batteries. I'd be interested to hear from others on the correlation between the two and when there's "too much" solar? I know some of you have huge arrays (thinking of Peter Boat's 3.6KW here!!). Cheers, Jak.
  9. My inverters have never hummed. Is that a thing?
  10. PRICK: Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tensepricks , present participle pricking , past tense, past participle pricked Verb If you prick something or prick holes in it, you make small holes in it with a sharp object such as a pin. Prick the potatoes and rub the skins with salt. [VERB noun] He pricks holes in the foil with a pin. [VERB noun preposition]
  11. These guys say https://gasproducts.co.uk/water-heaters/caravan/morco-primo-6-litre-lpg-caravan-marine-gas-water-heater.html this is a direct replacement though.
  12. Got mine here https://www.altecautomotive.co.uk/ with no problems.
  13. The makers of mine (http://edecoa.com/index.php/e-shop/12v230v-modified-wave/pure-sine-wave/2500w-power-inverter-pure-sine-wave-24v-240v-detail) recommend attaching directly to the battery and don’t mention an in-line fuse! We had the sense to connect it via an isolator, but I’m just ordering my mega fuse...
  14. Much appreciated, thank you. So new thermostat first, that’s an easy job I know I can do. Not at all sure about fitting the gas heater though. Instant hot water would be great, but I’ve no experience at all with gas and Mrs Jak is understandably worried about safety. Very sure it’s what we need after all the replies, but less sure I could fit it properly to 1) stay alive and 2) pass the next BSS!
  15. Thanks, I’ll check that out. There seem to be 2 different thermostats. 74C or 82C. Do you know which is normally fitted?
  16. Brilliant Thanks! So it looks like the replacement is the Morco Primo 6. And I will probably take your advice on the L-port valve as it seems a shame not to use the free hot water from cruising. Sounds like a plan.
  17. Thx Richard. I’m really after practical examples from someone who’s done this. I’ve seen a lot of older boats with what must be water heater flues on the roof, but don’t know anyone to speak to...
  18. Hi all. Had the boat 2 years now and really pleased with the solar, new batteries, updated 240v electrics and many other upgrades to what was a really basic 80s 12v only setup. But we can’t live with is the 1hr at least running the BMC diesel for a tank of hot water to shower and wash up. So what I think I want is a basic gas water heater. I’ve tried to research but am frankly confused about what will pass BSS (flues etc?). It only needs to heat the water in the calorifier, or perhaps provide instant hot for showers and hw taps? I’ve no desire for rads at all. In in the theme of the boat I just want something inexpensive and practical to give us convenient hot water. Any advice very welcome. Thanks Jak.
  19. Should someone tell him about the stern gland now ?
  20. This all good advice. Make sure you test all the installed appliances. Oven, hob, fridge, invertor, etc. Not cheap to replace and yes my 12v fridge was knackered....
  21. Funny. The only problem we ever had was trying to keep the temp down once the Squirrel is going. Easy 30C inside regardless of the winter. Always been happy that the bedroom is cooler ?
  22. Hi. Take it that you looked here https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/. That's where I found mine.
  23. Jak


    I've had to go up to a 3m telescopic pole and serous ariel. Good news is excellent free view once it's pointed in the right direction. Taken much experimentation but finally got there.
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