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  1. lift pump, I think I've worked it out. turned off fuel tap run engine until fuel out and engine stop then soaked up fuel from pump outlet with tissue.
  2. Hi all, I need to drain my fuel pump on a BMC 1.5 as I need to apply thread lock on the ideal pin that has a slight leak, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. The thing is the filter and 1 vent has already been purchased and the vent seems to be a fixed top not a screw out so nature how you would use in as a flush out, can't you use the pompous to flush out?
  4. Thanks Robbo, To be honest it's not for my boat it's for somebody that had the work started and fitter walked off the job, I have no real experience in theses, so any help is much appreciated...
  5. So 2 vents with 2 smell filters how far apart would you suggest...
  6. I'm fitting a waste water tank and going to sight the pump out point on the gunnel should I fit the vent also on the gunnel or side.... Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all I need to top up my engine oil on a BMC 1.5, I've been told use 15/40 mineral is that correct? Thanks in advance Markymark
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a gas safe engineer to install a cooker and hob, any recommendations, currently moored up in Uxbridge. Cheers
  9. Thanks for that figure it's best to go to the pros where gas is concerned
  10. Hi all, I've got a BSS cert up in March, in need of a gas safe person local to London that's used to BSS certs to install hob and cooker and check Boiler. Any Ideas. Thanks in advance Markymark
  11. When the pilot light is first on there's power coming from the gen but as soon as the OL light comes on power fails, this is even when there's nothing connected...
  12. No reset button as far as I can see even behind the cover, I've attached an image of the unit....
  13. Hi I was wondering if anybody knows anything about these generators, mine fires up ok the pilot comes on for a short period then the overload light comes on fluctuating on and off. Cheers Markymark
  14. Yes I'll be checking it after ever run thanks for all your help...
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