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  1. Thanks to all respondents so far. The boat isn't (based on what I have seen) a top end "money no object" Braidbar fit-out but it is a nice standard layout boat with few frills. Probably slightly over-priced to my mind and for less money there are a number of similar boats for sale on the usual brokerages. Are those other boats "as good"? To the casual observer, probably, but I can see the relative quality and the Braidbar boat is undoubtedly a better quality fit-out and has been well looked after based on the history I have seen. I'm leaning towards this boat but just mulling over where to pitch an opening bid.
  2. Hi all. Looking for some kind of reality check before I let heart over-rule head and pay over the odds for a boat I really rather like the look of but feel is a little over priced at approaching £80k. Any thoughts on what I should expect to pay for a 2008 60ft Braidbar boat built on a Tim Tyler shell? TIA.
  3. Thank you to all who posted replies and info in response to my query. Cheers, Dean
  4. They look good. Link saved! Thanks. Not entirely unexpected. Thanks for the info.
  5. Agree. It wouldn't be a deal breaker. I just want to know what to expect as we get closer to purchase time. I'm sure there will always be elements of a boat that will need sorting out post purchase if they're not just-so beforehand.
  6. Hello all. I am in the process of researching in anticipation of buying a live-aboard boat in the not too distant future. I see many pictures of boats with plenty of what look like (and I assume are) regular 240v sockets up and down the length of the boat. What I don't see in pictures, and what I don't see mentioned in particulars, are 12v sockets or USB sockets. My question is this: How common are 12v sockets on boats built since (say) 2000 and how common are USB aockets in more modern boats of similar age or newer? Also, I know many people fit the 240v sockets with integral USB sockets but are the USB sockets connected direct to 12v circuit or is there a step-down device incorporated into the 240v socket in which case it'd need the inverter to be running? Thanks in advance. Dean
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  9. @pete_harrison Thanks for the info. Yes, the boat is 78769 and I know she was originally called 'Bursley'...but I have seen no mention of this on the internet. Where did you get this info from? I'm intrigued. @adam1uk, here's the plate fixed in the front of the well deck... @Sea Dog, sound advice, thanks. I'll be mindful of that should I fall in anytime soon.
  10. @keeping_up Great, many thanks. I'll call them again and try asking for Mike.
  11. @churchward, I have already done this and for the boat in question, based in the boat index number, and a former name ('Dead Calm'), it shows as 35ft manufactured by Stoke Boats...but the people I have spoken to so far there deny all knowledge. Additionally, the plate in the well deck clearly states 'Stone On Trent Boat Building Co., Longport Wharf, No 006. Go figure :/
  12. Hello all, I am looking for details of a 1981 35ft trad stern narrowboat believed to be boat #006 built by Stoke On Trent Boat Builders. I'm trying to get the original hull steel specification. Any suggestions as to where I can find this. I've tried phoning Stoke Boats but they tell me their boat numbers only start at 100 and were unable to help. Any ideas? All info gratefully received.
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