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  1. Thank you for the replies... that's settled! Don't need to plan that trip!
  2. My boat is 60' x 10'. I would like to travel from Leicester to Market Harborough. Having not done this route before can anyone please advise me if there is anything that would prevent the passage, i.e. low bridges that are ok for a narrow boat but the arch would cause problems for a wide beam. I have used CanalPlan .. putting the boat height in at 7' it shows as not possible, at 6' no problem. Anyone with a similar size vessel who has travelled this route can give advice? Many thanks
  3. The River Trent near Farndon/Fiskerton is apparently a dangerous place to be if you are in a small boat, having seen a recent video on Facebook, where the owner of a large cruiser travelling at a high speed nearly swamped a small cruiser, in fact damaged its sterndrive when the resultant wash caused it to hit the river bed hard. Not content with that, when the skipper of the small boat shouted across at the offender to slow down, the big cruiser was turned around and accelerated hard and extremely close to the small boat, nearly swamping and capsizing it. My question is who enforces any speed limits on the Trent and how can the rivers in the UK be regulated to prevent this type of dangerous 'driving'? In France all skippers of motorised craft over 5m have to hold a permit... which can be withdrawn when this type of stupidity occurs ... but in the UK?
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