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  4. They are only £15.99 at Aldi, Stove fan that is. We have one It doesn't rattle. We have a villager stove, if it is shut it will go out by morning, open too much sweating buckets in the back, and burnt out by morning, fine line, however I haven't ever see the stove glow red, though hot enough to open all doors in winter. As for gobbing. I am not a plumber, not used google, I am using assumption/ logic (tin hat on), put a cap on flue/chimney, close all vents, light the smoke pellet, put the smoke pellet in stove, shut door, stand back and look for smoke coming out ? It may be worth getting a candle, close up the stove, leave the Flue/chimney in place, and open. Go around the stove with the candle, the flame of the candle will be drawn towards the draft. Go around all the joints, start at the bottom. I hope this helps. Just my opinion you understand, this is what I would do.
  5. Thanks for your decent reply Dr. Bob, I understand and never intended to come across as an expert, and as I have previously said, I wasn't making, or at least didn't intend to make a statement of fact. More of a 'as I understand comment'. From the reaction I feel I have received, I may as well bitten the head of a cute fluffy kitten, and streamed it live on CBBC. Not necessarily comments from you. FYI, the 'I love talking out my ass comment' was a sarcastic remark drawn out of frustration. However some people choose to believe that statement, even when I am being accused of spreading mis-information. So at that point I felt it really didn't matter what I said. Keep up the good work, good luck. In my opinion if everything on a boat is managed properly, then there will never be an incident of any sort, however not everybody does manage a boat properly.
  6. LOL at the 3rd comment, I agree,makes no odds to me. If you read your reply, you asserted it your self. How do you put out a lithium fire? as somebody facing that fire, not sat behind a desk saying, ohh I didnt think that would happen! I would treat my batteries like eggs! They are valuable, not a destruction test, Oh hang on maybe that was what the egg was invented for. I love talking out my ass, and getting intelligent people to respond!
  7. Wouldn't it just My expertise says my boat is surrounded by water. It is a boat. As if spurting flammable electrolyte around the hot engine bay isnt bad enough, or inside the cabin 'as they are sealed', or just plane simple contaminating the water ways. My budget doesnt run to a trial and error/ destruction situation, and I very well may be talking out of my backside,
  8. Then I am wrong, it wont be the first time, and am absolutely *sure wont be the last time. For my reference, if it stores energy then it can produce a sudden discharge, pun intended! They said the Titanic would never sink 😕
  9. When have I said that? If a battery is faulty it is faulty! Have you ever seen an electrical fire afloat, and how quick it can spread?
  10. no, thank you for posting. Ever put a cover over a charging battery with a naked flame. Just to check how long it becomes unstable.
  11. 'LiFePO4 fire' use that quote in google. 500 degrees for the electrolyte to catch fire, which can be achieved very quickly in a damaged battery. Not my experience btw.
  12. I apologise, for 'Lithium burns with no air', comment, it does, however water increases the' rapid destruction' of a Lithium based battery, LiFePO4's have been attributed to fires, the main cause that I can see is excessive damage. IIRC, if a Lithium based battery has its separator compromised it will either go into 'thermal runaway', or 'rapid destruction'. If using Cells from a write off electric vehicle, how electrically safe would they be, especially on a boat? A lot of good advice on here. I haven't read it all, and I haven't learnt all the all the lessons that life has to give.
  13. I will never disagree with that, how many youngsters are coming into the inland marine industry ? Under 55, I consider myself a youngster. it maybe an area thing.
  14. I have never doubted this. actually 3 days, you only have to be competent to work on a boat that is not residential.. I havent got a problem with that, how do you determine competence ? All the aircraft or ships I worked on have been retired. Some times it is worth a refresh.
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