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  1. You missed off Kris Cruisers, they started late 70’s at Chris’s dads boatyard at Datchet and are still going strong. On the same site was Castle line or craft run by Hugh Fletcher and for a short time King Craft.
  2. They were outside the Cape in Warwick on Sunday, 2 x Kate Boats.
  3. I live in Warwick, not been in every pub but would say the Cape is the best one i’ve been to. The other option for mooring is opposite or just past Kate Boats, the castle is about 20 mins walk.
  4. Yep, and a Tesco's you can moor alongside - all we need now is a Waitrose and Harrods!!
  5. You can moor pretty much everywhere from Cape locks up to Kate Boats. The section opposite the hospital suffers a bit from road noise and there's a section that has a play area one side and a commercial bakery the other side. Both can be a little noisy at certain times of the day and the aroma from the bakery makes you want to go and by cakes !! There's a Sainsbury's close to Saltisford which can also be reached from the Cape area. Also a Co-op and local shops on the Woodloes.
  6. No idea how far away you live from Kate boats but I would visit Warwick Castle after handing the boat back. Incidentally Kate Boats and the Saltisford arm is about as close as the canal gets to Warwick Castle. There are a couple of residential road's near Kate Boats you could leave the car for free and it's about a 20 minute walk. Or you could just drive there and park up for the day, depends how energetic you are feeling! Quite a few nice pubs and restaurants in the town as well. We've hired from Kate Boats twice and they are very good with nice boats.
  7. Many thanks for the positive comments and indication of times, I seem to have used up my quota of up votes for today though! In hindsight I should have put the details from post 43 in my opening post, judging from some earlier comments this could have put some people’s minds at rest. We are not a bunch of hooligans who don’t have a clue and please be assured this will not be a race and “sod the rest”. Hatton Locks are only a small part of the trip and a bit of fun to see how quick we can transit without inconveniencing others. Hence the request, out of interest, to see if there was a time record.
  8. Wow, lots of replies. I'll reply to some of the comments tomorrow when I'm back on a computer, phone a bit fiddly. I should point out that we would be doing this out of the main season so the canal should be quiet. 2 of us are boat owners, another is a former narrow boat owner who also worked as engineer to a hire fleet for 10 years. All 5 of us work in the marine business and have done so for between 15 and 40 years each. This is going to be an informal team event lasting about 3 days, not a bunch of "bankers" intent on upsetting or inconveniencing anyone.
  9. Hi I was just wondering if there was a recognised fastest time for the transit of Hatton Locks? I've had a quick Google and found a few times quoted but nothing concrete. Just looking at doing a teambuilding exercise with about 5 people and this was one of the ideas that came up.
  10. If I remember correctly the previous tenants disappeared around March 2013. The owners, Steve and Emma, flew back from New Zealand and started running the pub themselves, since then it's steadily improved. They normally have 3 regular, 3 guest beers and the food is good as well. I visit about once per month and consider it my local. Crossing the lock going home needs more care than when arriving!!
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