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  1. is that based on the last two numbers?
  2. That’s what I was thinking it was a popular year. 10 plus a day, which I guess isn’t impossible. The details spec seem right. I guess the panel could have come off another JP3.
  3. looking at the other threads on dates for engines and https://www.stationaryengineparts.com/Lister-Engine-Dating/ I think with a serial number 60/38230 the date of my engine is 1951? is that right?
  4. The harbourmaster team can be quite fickle. Also worth checking what’s going on with the redcliffe wharf redevelopment and whether that effects the moorings at all
  5. I'm redoing our back cabin at the moment. Going to add a split door arrangement to allow diving in and out and to allow cups of tea to be passed in whilst the bed is made up. I'm going to add a removable board to enable the double to run the length of the cabin rather than across. Although we are all relatively short (under 6ft) the cross bed is too cramped.
  6. There are limited places to moor once down on the river especially now mead lane in saltford is out of bounds to boaters. So really west of Bradford looking at handful of spaces avoncliff station, few places on the road by the bridge at limpley stoke, the lay-by on the Warminster road at Dundas, and then bathampton village but there are restrictions to prevent boaters parking near the canal, the odd lay-by around Sydney gardens in bath. Once on the river and beyond the moorings by the coach station - the next stop is bitton 48hrs accessible by the cycle track only, think there are moorings
  7. Mine is a 12/2000/?? and it hums and convinced something is wrong. Use to have mastervolt Dakar combi which was quiet and so was quite disconcerted when I first fitted it but it works ok. Wouldn't buy another victron though.
  8. If you haven't contacted them already you could try the Bristol harbour master to see if they have any winter mooring spaces that were not taken up or Bristol Marina (within the harbour). Other than that - Bath Marina, Saltford Marina, Keynsham Marina, Phoenix Boat Yard - Keynsham and the offside moorings at Hanham might be worth trying. Lots of people CC around Bradford and Bath, lots of close stations at Trowbridge, Bradford, Freshford, Avoncliff and Bath. It's a bit of an enforcement hotspot so need to stick to the rules. Great community - see the Facebook Group and the Kanda Commun
  9. In my imagination the Gyptians all lived on star class working boats - not sure why, maybe the because of the butty Lyra
  10. there we go - you've solved that one !
  11. Not sure if my old stoves oven was a 2200 - it was the common white one popular about 15 years ago with a separate oven and grill. I replaced with a thetford midi from Midland chandlers - it just slotted straight in. https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/thetford-midi-prima-7200-oven-and-grill-n620 Have gone for a basic small hob - doesn't match but looks and works fine. Only issue was the ignition which is 240v rather than 12v.
  12. https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/classic-boats-motor-boat/619809 Calling all the Para Handys out there
  13. Was he misquoted by the presenter - surely they need more money for maintenance? Why would he say otherwise?
  14. Maybe speak to your surveyor and ask for their advice. In my experience over the years the ones I’ve commissioned to do a survey have been happy to refer to their notes discuss the survey and the boat at a later date.
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