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  1. Great thanks for these suggestions ! . I must have been using the wrong search terms earlier as nothing like this came up. I’ll have a browse. Cheers. Tom
  2. Hi folks, my oil pressure gauge needs a good tap to work and the lens is so scratched I can hardly see through it. it’s been suggested I replace it. I ve been searching online with out success. Any one have suggestions for where I might source one. Doesn’t have to be lister but does need to have a low enough range. I’m looking to move it the engine room bulk head so I can see it better and ideally large enough to see the position of the needle roughly from the back when steering. Any pointers welcome. Tom
  3. We did it with pilots about 6 yrs ago nothing about having tanks cleaned (but that seems likely a relatively new phenomenon). I recall we were asked to ensure the tank was full. When we did it was like a mill pond. Apart from the approach to Gloucester docks going sideways with the tide which was a bit hairy, I thought a pilot well worth it. Another boat followed us without one and they looked considerably stressed out about it.
  4. Is your existing one broken? If so It maybe worth taking it to an auto electric repair shop to see if you can get it looked at. If not they may have something refurbished they could offer and swap the pulley over and any mounting spacers if there are any. I have a new Leece Neville alternator 115 amp I got it as direct replacement for an 18yr old one that i already had after it was checked and written off. It works well at around 250 rpm off the flywheel (jp3)
  5. So picking this up again as the title of this thread is still accurate and the - earlier this week the same leece neville alternator packed up completely - no charge. Replaced the regulator (bought in February and has worked fine since) on Thursday and it had been fine until today, when once again it has packed up. Nothing has changed with the rest of the wiring so anticipate something else within the alternator is causing the problem. Its just odd that it worked ok for a couple of days and then packed up again today. I don't want to replace for the regulator again for it to fail again as it is likely not to be the cause of the problem - does anyone have any ideas about what could be causing the regulator to fail like this? Is it likely to be the alternator or something else? Nothing else within the engine electrics has changed. Tom
  6. The spring arrived yesterday and has made a huge difference. Whilst it still searches a little bit it soon settles down and doesn't speed up or stall. So that's a great result! in comparison to the older spring the lever is moving a lot more. I did also wonder about the other two springs - there is one on one on the pump rack that connects the rack to the lever and the one that fits around the governor rod and pushes against the bell house. The one on the pump rack (isn't in the manual ) but it looks original just not sure about the one around the governor rod - presumably these could have an affect on the running speed? I still need to do a bit of adjustment as the spring is a lot shorter may add a small key ring loop to allow it run a bit slower - is that logical? Tom
  7. Thanks RAP, and everyone for your advice. I have ordered the spring and a pawl from MPS's website and will try this when it arrives, along with lubricating and cleaning advice. And then the bearings, and then if that's not helped look to get the pump and injectors checked. I went through the manual last night so have a better idea of the terminology and the location of the parts described above. I'll update the thread with progress once the spring and pawl arrive.
  8. Hi Richard, Its a Paul Barber (2002). Speaking to Paul earlier in the year about the gear box, he said he hadn't installed a JP3 with a Borg Warner gear box so not sure if that has since been changed or whether it was installed by someone else. According Crowther's and the job card for the propeller was for Paul, but not for that engine / gear box combination. So who knows ! Thanks Steamraiser - i'll order a spring and do a clean up and see if that helps. It doesn't have an override cam it has a round stopper on the end, so maybe one of those will help too - I'm about to look on the MPS website... Regards Tom
  9. I’ll shall give this ago sounds like something to that’s within my skill set ! Thanks Richard, I’ll be in touch
  10. Thanks for responding, where did you have the pump calibrated? Tom
  11. Thanks for your responses. I've checked the pump rack it seems to not be sticky but I'm no expert, it sounds like I need to get an expert in to take a look. Does anyone know one operating in the Bristol/Bath area?
  12. having owned a boat with a jp3 for less than a year, in what has been a busy year, I'm still getting use to it. I find that it takes a while for me find the a point where it will settle at a relatively steady but constant rpm. It either wants to run really fast or gradually slow and stall. This could be due to the alternator running off the flywheel and the state of the battery charge. It does run away following an initial charge and then after adjusting will settle again. When I'm chugging a long it can be easier but it can randomly speed away or indeed slowdown and stall. Is this part of the fun of a JP3 or does it point to it needing some fettling? if some servicing is needed can anyone recommend someone? The boats mooring is just outside Bath. It's an industrial unit set to 1000 rpm according to the plate. I'm not sure if that makes a difference? Any advice gratefully received. Tom
  13. Hi all, I am also looking for a Lister engineer / mechanic to service my JP3 (industrial type) on my boat. The boat is based at Claverton near Bath. Its running ok, Ideally I'd like set up to be checked over (it does seem to speed up and slow down), oil changed and coolant changed. I'd also like to be talked through how to do the routine servicing for next time. Can anyone recommend someone who maybe willing to travel to the boat? Cheers Tom
  14. I had to google lap / lapping. Thankfully safe search was on
  15. Thanks for the advice and sharing the pictures Richard, It’s really helpful to see how they work. Tom
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