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  1. Made me smile my other half was aghast then she smiled priceless!
  2. Hi all putting steps on the rudder as way to climb out of the canal would this cause problems with the steering of the boat as the water passes around the rudder,or would it be better to have them removed and buy a proper escape ladder, reason being I find the tiller quite hard when under power whilst turning.
  3. Sorry when I read the eBay blurb it said semi submersible so I assumed you put it in the bilges, that makes more sense And I still think it’s a great modification should be standard on all new boats.
  4. So you still drain the coolant into the bilges? I thought you had inline pump to Pump the coolant straight into a container but I still like the ball valve idea thanks for the info.
  5. That’s a great system what type and size is your pump? I’ve spent most of last Friday draining into my bilges then pumping the out the bilges not something I want to do again.
  6. I know we’re in lockdown traveled along the Trent & Mersey this morning, not impressed no maintenance as the photo shows
  7. Yes never thought about baffles but I’ll still pump out as much as I can before dropping the hoses, thanks for reminding me.
  8. This seams a good idea because I have large bleed nuts on both my skin tanks that will take the pump tubes, so I’ve ordered one on eBay £12.99 with free delivery.
  9. Hi just got back from a quiet Chester, thanks for all your suggestions Will use member 170 wet and dry system using deionised water cheers once again.
  10. Hi can you help me as the boat has two skin tanks what’s the best way to drain the antifreeze, I’ve done it on vehicles but never a boat.
  11. Cheers for the information will make it a priority.
  12. Hi all for some reason my pink antifreeze has started to turn dark pink with a sediment in the expansion tank, engine And boat only 2 years old any ideas welcome.
  13. Thanks for that but I’ll be a day behind Halsall cheers
  14. Thanks for all your imputes really helpful, as I have a couple of pump out cards I’ll check out the self service one.
  15. Cheers for the information didn’t know about the pump out location maps
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