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  1. Thanks BEngo. When i speak to Dick next time ill mention it to him.Dick brought the head that you sectioned. I now have a better understanding of how the engine works.It was enjoyable working with Dick taking the engine apart. If nothing else i can get to the areas that need cleaning now the engine is apart.Dicks has got feelers out for some new heads. I may have got the pricing wrong before, i don’t think they are as expensive, maybe hard to find tho. There could be a couple if Indian made ones somewhere but these will need re-machining to make them fit and work correctly.
  2. A quick update, the heads are off. Dick Goble came along and with help from me we had them both off in about 6 hours, taking care not to damage anything. All went well. Nothing really obvious to see what maybe causing the issues. We filled the heads with water when off to see where the water may leak from, ond head showed signs of leaking from the venturie(spelling). Dick is doing more work on them at his shop. Good news is the diesel injectors were in very good condition. Anyone got any spare heads???
  3. All excellent info. Thanks very much for the input guys. First port of call is to get the boat back to the marina then see what’s what. I’ll speak to Dick and get him to come and have a look. Again thanks for all the help.
  4. Thanks for the replies guy's. So I need to find new heads, Dick did mention of 2 that may be available at around £1000 each (Indian ones). It is interesting to read out the water passages etc. Not long ago the other head developed a leak from the stud which holds an inspection plate on the head. The upshot was that the hole wear the stud screwed in had rusted away, the stud itself had corroded away to a fine point inside the head. I managed to get another bit of stud and install it from the back with a bolt on the back the stud to clamp it, there was just enough metal left hold the bit of stud in. Sealed up the plate and used rubber washers on the outside with a metal washer and nut. Last weeks run was a shake down to see if the fix had worked then had the issue with the other head. The 2 heads are different on mine, one has the inspection plates the other does not. I think I need to see what the level if any inhibitors are in the water, I suspect none. BEngo, I will be speaking with Dick when he returns from Scotland later in the month, I will have the boat back to the marina then. He is going to come to the boat and have a look. Out of curiosity I bought an endoscope to have a look inside the engine, not sure if this will show anything but will be interesting to see inside. The other issue will be if I can get new heads or get them replaced is to have someone do the work for me. I don't think Dick will be fit enough to do it now. I saw him in Easter and mentioned that he would not look forward to start working on engines again. Do any of you guys know of anyone who is willing to look at doing the job? Thanks again guys.
  5. Thanks for the reply BEngo. Dick thinks there are a couple of Chinese copy heads available but says they are not very good and he doesn’t like them. Have you any idea what may have caused the head to crack if in fact it has.
  6. Good day all, I was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on my problems. The boat is currently moored on the south side of the Harecastle tunnel with a poorly engine. Arrived at the tunnel on Sunday, had a 30 min wait so i dropped the revs and the engine stopped. Had been going for a round 2 hours with no sign of problems. I managed to get the engine going on petrol, tried to turn over to diesel, the engine stopped, there was a louder than normal clunk when operating the changeover leaver after winding in the injector valve. Tried and tried to restart to no avail, removed the plugs to clean and noticed water on No 2 cylinder plug. Removed both plugs and spun the engine. Water was spurting out of the plug hole, the header / over flow tank water supply was spurting ever time i tried to start the engine. I rang the guru of Kelvin engines, Dick Gobel. He was unsure of what the problem was, he will be coming to have a look once I get it back to the marina at Heritage. Has anyone got any ideas as to what the issue could be. I suspect cracked cylinder head. I have managed to arrange a tow from a chap called Chris who is on a boat called Atomizer for Sunday the 9th. Any help greatly appreciated.
  7. Email back from Graham, I no longer carry out 'field' service calls on Alde installations being now workshop based on the re-manufacturing side of the business. However, my colleague Tim Matthews of |K.T.Maintenance does all the same work that I used to do and I can vouch for his skills as we have worked together for over 30 years. I will forward your email on to Tim and he will be intouch very soon to discuss your problems. If you want to contact Tim direct his mobile number is 07425 540966.
  8. Heritage is were keep it. I asked on Monday if they knew anyone, they said no.
  9. Thanks guys. I have emailed graham asking if he still does the serving etc. I will advise once he comes back to me.
  10. Can anyone help with recommending a good ALDE boiler service engineer, our slimline boiler (don't know the model number) has not been done for a while. We are on the Macclesfield canal. Any idea of what price we should be paying. Thanks in advance. Paul
  11. Quite right Wotever, I would have thought that if it did have them then the ballast would need to be arrange differently, as it is the ballast would affect the way any water ingress would be channeled to the engine room in the middle of the boat as this is the only area I can get to the bilges. The re-fit / extension was done when I was young, so don't quite know how it was done. That is 5 tonne of off cut steel, place strategically and each piece painted in bitumen.
  12. I have a Les Allen boat, I am not aware of any Limber holes but can not be sure. We extended the boat some 10-11 years ago and from the photo showing the under floor i have it would appear that there isn't any. From what I have read it is more common to have limber holes in wooden boats.
  13. Aspley used to be our base, so traveled the Huddersfield several times with differing experiences. Going up we had a tyre wrapped around the prop, 2 hours of struggle in a lock through the weed hatch to remove, numerous occasions of sitting on the bottom until water had been let down. We draft around 2' 6" and 62' long. There is a very tight turn just after Milnsbridge (going up) which is quite deceiving, got caught out a time or two there getting caught on the edge. Going down we had a concrete lintel stuck behind a gate, so bottom gate would not open until CART came by and hooked it out, same lock, top gate would not open for some reason, we had to use the boat and rope to pull it open. Coming out of a couple of locks the by-wash was so severe that it pinned the boat in the bridge hole at the back end and the front against the towpath, plenty of power and pushing on the wall got us free. The tunnel is an absolute marvel, we have done it about 12 times and every time it amazes how it was built, the chaperones are very knowledgeable, giving tips on where to be in the tunnel as it is not straight in some bits. Mind your head on the pins which stick out of the top. Hard hat is well worth it. It is a very demanding canal but well worth the trip. Have a beer on the bench at lock 29E, my Dads memorial bench is there which CART let us renovate and add a plaque.
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