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  1. Halsall’s base rate is currently 79ppl not 87ppl
  2. Duke and Duchess were sold as a going concern in Nov 2017, and it looks like the new owner is actively publicising the 2018 season. The other pair of hotel boats 'By Water Holidays' were also sold to new owners in 2017 and are advertising their 2018 trips.
  3. From what I have read of the plans/supporting documents, they show that New Horizons will retain their current mooring but will have to move the boat onto the service point to embark/disembark guests. They loose their current carpark/store (a house will be on it) but are getting a store room next to the new service station and a parking space for a minibus. Hopefully any future owners/tenants of houses will notice the moorings and services before they buy any properties!
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