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  3. seen this one for sale myself & did not like the wording in the advert. But did laff at the T&C's as some sellers don't realize that ending a listing early on Ebay with bids on it will incur fees, as this was the case with a Narrowboat seller last week who ended the listing early with 17k worth of bids on it, bet that was a big surprize for them when Ebay billed them on the 17k bids it already had....Outch!
  4. I can understand having to go through the messages, some people who upload don't answer questions but some do. Just thought it was odd as not one Narrowboat/canal/cut channel does this, that I have come across anyway.
  5. All comments are moderated by the owner of the channel & can be removed at any time as the owner of the channel has full controll over what is left on or removed. Well so far have 91,197 views so far on my channel, so guess you are wrong there & like I said not one video has comments disabled. The video was very good like I said, just was not sure why they block all comments on all video's.
  6. Hello all. After catching up with some video's on YouTube it linked me to the next one that happened to be a CRT one. I watched it and found it to be well made and quiet useful. But what I also noticed is that all comments are diabled, so I looked at a few more & then a few more just to see if they were the same and all the ones I checked the comments were disabled for every one of them & I found this quiet odd for a transparent charity to activly censor every one of there own video's and stop any form of chat &/or debate on the subject of the video! New to the forum but like I said found this quiet odd as I upload a lot to YouTube myself & have never disabled comments for any of my 400+ video's. Anyway, all the best. Rob PS the video I watched was this.
  7. Oh right, ok thanks Peter. Thank you for geting back to me, loads of good advice there, I will be going for the fixed beds myself, not wanting to sleep on bed sofas or make up a bed every night that's for sure. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the info, will they be on your website? Not sure how you sell your boats but will have a search for you now, once again thats for leting me know. I will have a look at AB now, thanks for the info. Sounds like what I have to come, did you buy through a broker or private and what was your experiences (no need to mention name if you don't want to) just interested, also how did you get on with serveys and any work if you had any done. Thanks again, look forward to hearing more of your buying experience. One last thing have you got much previous narrowbat experiance before buying?
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Thanks Neil, I was just thinking about running cost and maintenance also as I wanted to do a lot on my own, not really sure yet. Will have to see if the right boat comes along and as for company that stays over for the night...I'm in zero rush what so ever Sounds like a good idea Ken, think I might have to pop down there, visited two boat yards already to get more of a feal for what I want in the flesh. Thanks for the info. That don't sound good Dave but will keep it in mind as it's a trip I will have to do but thanks for the advice as I had no idea about the pitfalls of a Walsall run...
  11. I did have a play with the options and noticed the ammount of locks that it cuts out, think I would go for the 4 lock option
  12. Not seen that before so will have a look at the site, thank you for the info. Thats good to know and will be bookmarking that site as it sounds very handy, thank you for the link and the info, it has come in very handy.
  13. I'm looking forward to it and once past the maypole & kings heath the country side should be nice this time of year. But of a short question off topic, one trip I am thinking of doing is B,ham to Brownhills Walsall how long is the trip about in terms of time as it sounds like you know Birmingham well, so say I start from bridge 3 not far from brandwood tunnel and want to get to anchor bridge browhills any idea how long that would take? Thanks again for your help.
  14. Sounds good to me, my brother & mom live 5 mins away from the moorings in the city by gas st, but don't plan on staying around there, maybe just a day trip hear and there. I understand what you are saying about the evidence type of thing but I recently won a court case against the NHS & local gov & if it was not for my evidence 2 years of court cases & legal action would have been a waste of my time and money. I won all of my cases because of my evidence, took two years to win but I got there. Don't get me wrong I'm not looking to do anything more than cover myself & will be doing so, but nothing more. My goal is to stay within my boundrys and keep to the rules of the waterways. But most of all enjoy my new home and suroundings & might meet some new friends along the way. Thanks for the advice it is appreciated
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