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  1. Well I have become a little bit keen on the idea of getting to a parkrun on a Saturday morning within walking distance of a canal mooring. I have been investigating with the help of my friend google but wondered if the combined wisdom of this forum could help? In Reading there is a parkrun on the river side (Thames) which would not be a long walk from the Kennet and Avon canal. http://www.parkrun.org.uk/reading/course/ I also recently did Rushmere parkrun, which is a 30 minute walk from bridge 110 on the Grand Union http://www.parkrun.org.uk/rushmere/course/ Anyone able to point me to others? Travelling from Rugby, via middlewich branch to Worcester and then Leamington Spa on the way 'home' but interested to know of any near enough to any water course thank you Angela
  2. So just into the canal? Or find a drain? I guess if some are drinking it direct then it might be ok into the canal? Hard to imagine where I can get near enough to a drain in the boat to be able to pump it out
  3. And then do you drain the tank? Or is dilute thin bleach safe to drink? Angela
  4. @Pie Eater, thank you I have made a note of that closure on our map and now have a plan B in case the 24th May does not see the section open @cuthound thank you! I will have to measure the boat's height above the water line, not a dimension that I have noted. The width is stated to be 6'10", which is exactly CRT's, must not be wider than, so here's hoping @magictimeYes partic the peak forest bit looks very doable, I have noted all these suggestions on our plan, thank you! @Sea DogYes, I agree, one of the reasons we bought a boat was to be able to do longer trips and explore as we go, but then I do like planning :-)
  5. I am very excited to be setting off on a trip later this month and wondered if I could get any tips or advice before we go. We will be setting off from Crick, via Leicester to Burton on Trent To Stoke on Trent then via Maccelsfield canal to Huddersefield (not yet booked passage through Standedge) then on to Leeds, Skipton, Blackburn, Manchester, Crewe, Wolverhampton, then Warwick and home Longest trip I will ever have attempted. I will be checking the CRT for stoppages but if there is any local knowledge available to be shared I would love to hear it The wonderful canal planner tells me this will take 35 days but I intend taking longer to enjoy the countryside Thank you Angela NB Network Explorer
  6. My profile picture is what I look like while at the helm in the snow
  7. Thank you all that is really helpful The ice has mostly melted and we will cruise back to the marina before the next freeze is due It was indeed very noisy breaking up the ice! Thanks again Angela
  8. We are in our first winter of owning a boat and have woken to find the canal frozen The boat is easily breaking through the few millimeters that has formed but I am worried that we might be damaging the boat Any advice? Forecast says warmer today but colder again Wednesday and Thursday Thanks Angela NB Network Explorer
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